Technology Record - Issue 22: Autumn 2021

64 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are building on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to bring value to their customers and address business challenges Partner perspectives Steve Farr Vice President of Solutions and Marketing at Experian Data Quality “At Experian our strategic focus is to improve the data flowing through and around enterprise applications. You’ve invested heavily in your Dynamics application, yet, with contact data entering your customer relationship management system from multiple channels, maintaining the integrity of data in the system can be an ongoing challenge. Bad contact data creates unnecessary operational costs, impacts sales and marketing performance and hinders your ability to derive intelligent insights. It can also lessen your ability to seamlessly onboard new customers – that one bite of the cherry you may never get again in this increasingly digital world. We stop bad data getting in and improve what you already have. Beyond validation for global addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, our accredited solutions provide you with an easy way to automatically enrich that data from the many Experian data sets, helping you better segment and understand your customers.” “Extending the Dynamics platform has been a key goal of Formpipe for 10 years now. Leaning on 30 years of experience in the output and document management space we have seen many changes and challenges for customers, but there is one common theme: seamless integration. Dynamics has transformed the business and enterprise resource planning world with its seamless integration across all aspects of business systems. As an independent software vendor, Formpipe has mirrored this, ensuring that the customers' need for generating, distributing and storing documents has been equally as seamless. Delivering one design, distribution and storage solution, no matter what Dynamics module, solution or set-up a customer needs, has been the key to our success. The challenge of generating exactly the documents a customer needs is often seen as a last part in the project, but Formpipe, along with our partner network, has raised the profile of this important task to ensure that data and its delivery is relevant to each and every customer.” Mike Rogers Private Sector Commercial Director at Formpipe