Technology Record - Issue 22: Autumn 2021

65 “Today’s businesses operate in an omnichannel world with changes in consumer behaviour and commerce now requiring businesses to sell across a mix of online and offline channels and platforms, which means that they are running into new and additional tax obligations. Dynamics 365 is a powerful platform that enables businesses to work across customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, field service, point of sale, and other workloads that are essential to reaching customers across channels. With our integrations for Dynamics 365, customers have been able to expand their tax automation solutions across Dynamics 365 to ensure their transactions are compliant as they add new channels. The Dynamics 365 platform and ecosystem provide Avalara with a solid foundation to seamlessly integrate our global compliance solutions to deliver a unified experience to customers.” Sanjay Parthasarathy Chief Product Officer of Avalara “Every organisation creates many business documents in various processes daily. With organisations using multiple systems on the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 platform, the data required to produce these documents is stored in numerous locations. Both data and document complexity have many limitations with the standard document generation options. dox42 is a one-for-all software to automate documents that use data from Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Teams and other systems. It is a universally usable service for document generation, which connects and integrates with all systems on the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 platform without any programming. Business users design and edit document templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and generate customised documents directly where they need them, from Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Teams, through flows or Power Apps, or any other interface.” “Our decision to base TAG’s maintenance management software architecture on Dynamics 365 was an easy one, as Dynamics offers rich functionality and capabilities, as well as flexibility, ease, speed of deployment and a competitive pricing structure, all of which are perfectly suited to our users’ needs and expectations. Because our customers are global companies with multi-site operations and are concerned about the efficiency, cost and return on investment of their maintenance operations and processes, Dynamics is an ideal solution as it allows them to increase or decrease capacity based on their needs and operational constraints. Our customers – organisations whose business processes must be constantly optimised to maintain their competitive edge – benefit from this highly flexible architecture. Dynamics’ scalability is designed to meet emerging needs of asset- intensive organisations and this flexibility has been, and continues to be, a key success factor for our customers.” Johannes Linder Lead Technical Evangelist at dox42 Eric Blanchet Chief Technology Officer of Verosoft Design