Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

11 CONT ENT S 64 36 16 3 6 COV E R S TOR Y Partnering in the cloud Rodney Clark explains how Microsoft is working to ensure it delivers on the promise of partnership 4 5 Personalised selling with D365 Insights Amit Kumar and Supratim Bhattacharyya discuss the value of Infosys Cobalt 4 8 Collaboration unleashed New updates and features in Microsoft Teams will continue to drive the platform’s future success 5 6 Cloud and the hybrid workforce Zachary Bosin of BlueJeans shares his top tips for hybridising the workforce using Microsoft Teams and Cloud Video Interop 5 9 Mitigating meeting anxiety Decisions’ Jørgen Solberg discusses the firm’s in-Teams extension for managing meetings 6 0 Connecting efficiently in the hybrid world Gamma's UC success wheel helps clients to improve their project journey, says Richard McPhee 6 2 At home with Anywhere365 1UC helped Abri to support adoption of its new Anywhere365 contact centre solution 6 3 Why do we need location intelligence? Using location data in place of addresses can prevent disrupted deliveries, says Experian’s Steve Farr 6 4 Rapid improvements Optimizely’s Deane Barker shares how .NET 5 has improved performance and response times 6 6 Using Teams as an ecosystem Mike Harvey discusses the ways Resonate helps customers improve efficiency with Microsoft Teams 6 7 Building remote-first flexibility With staff out of the office, IT organisations must now build and deploy remote-first technologies, says Bandwidth’s Matt Brown 6 9 Using AI to make smarter decisions As AI evolves, programmers will need to evolve with it, according to Nintex’s Siddarth Ranganathan 7 0 Security approaches for modern business practices For successful cybersecurity, Mick McNeil from Logicalis believes businesses must defend apps and their data 7 WE LCOME 1 6 MAR K E TWATCH Th e latest news from Microsoft and its partners, including Mesh for Microsoft Teams