Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

113 Sharada Prahladrao Editor and Public Relations Manager at ARC Advisory Group “In the new normal, it is critical for manufacturing and resource firms to leverage cloud technologies for remote operations, collaborate across geographies and improve project outcomes. The cloud enables companies to process huge amounts of data quickly and accurately from multiple sources across the entire supply chain. This data can be analysed to generate valuable business insights, facilitating informed decision-making. The cloud helps accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies to reduce environmental footprint and improve resource efficiency. The benefits of moving to the cloud (public, private or hybrid) are numerous. Besides helping achieve economies of scale, the cloud helps companies gain the flexibility to adjust the amount of computing resources and reduces the time and cost of developing new applications. The cloud is a huge enabler of innovation as it provides access to cuttingedge technologies and capabilities. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities and collaborative networks.” “Secure, real-time industrial data communications are essential in today’s environment. Skkynet DataHub service for Microsoft Azure enables organisations to monetise their industrial data by leveraging third party analytical, key performance indicator and dashboard applications securely and easily. Secure by design, it meets the biggest challenge most companies face: how to get process data out of the plant and into the cloud, without compromising security? Using DataHub technology you can connect, concentrate, integrate and redistribute live process data among sources and users securely, in real time. It is now available as a Microsoft Azure Managed Application – an easy to deploy and operate cloud solution. The Skkynet DataHub service lets users: securely acquire, monitor, control, consolidate and share live process data; share data with third parties or collect data from them; and easily feed data to Azure IoT Hub, or to any OPC Unified Architecture or MQTT system.” Xavier Mesrobian Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Skkynet Cloud Systems MANU FAC TUR I NG & R E SOUR C E S