Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

114 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E “The Microsoft cloud is ICONICS’ preferred platform to build and provide supply chain solutions that enable tracking of materials globally. These capabilities are not just for manufacturing and resources customers, but also extend into retail and consumer packaged goods, warehouses, logistics and even connected infrastructure applications such as port authorities and transportation. These solutions also enable the tracking of how materials flow through the production process before ending up as finished products. Such a solution provides accountability and genealogy tracking of materials and products, ensuring efficient material usage and targeted sustainability impact for vendors and customers alike. ICONICS solutions provide intuitive interfaces to inspire data-driven decisions, while also making that same information securely available to third-party solutions for more in-depth analysis.” Zhi Wei Li Director of Innovation and Engineering at ICONICS Michael Loveless CEO of RAAD360 “RAAD delivers end-to-end risk awareness across the organisational value chain network by ingesting, mapping and visualising bill of materials and related master data in the Microsoft Azure supply chain platform. These visualisations are further enriched by human assessment inputs and augmented by internal and external risk information offered by Azure Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools that highlight data patterns, trends, risk events and threats to operation. RAAD becomes the embodiment of customers’ risk management mindset and methodology through highly customised organisationspecific risk configuration, supply chain risk management knowledge bases, what-if simulation tools, mitigation design and tracking features. Deployed with Azure Cloud performance and security, organisations use RAAD not only to protect the value in their supply and value chains, but to achieve ‘intelligent resilience’ in the form of proactive risk exposure management. The result is a competitive advantage that can lead to overtaking market share from disrupted competitors and establishing sustainable resilience.” “On average, manufacturing firms have enjoyed a predictable and consistent supply of inputs into the supply chain. Over the years, disruption in the flow of raw materials has been minimal until the recent pandemic. This consistency has allowed manufacturing firms to operate with inefficiencies that have gone unnoticed. In today’s disruptive marketplace, these inefficiencies are now at the forefront for decision makers, and cloud technologies are creating an agile environment to solve these challenges. The supply chain will engage with almost every organisational department including marketing, operations, sales, inventory control, distribution, accounting and more. Having automation software that easily connects cloud technologies is critical. Task creation, document generation, templates, data triggers, notifications and more are vital to remove inefficiencies and drive down process time. Process automation from Nintex will integrate these departmental processes, track the status or stage, and result in an agile operating model.” Terry Simpson Senior Solutions Engineer at Nintex