Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

13 1 6 0 Reimagining retail landscapes Shelley Bransten outlines how Microsoft technology is helping retailers to harness the power of data and reimagine the shopping journey 1 6 8 The loyalty balancing act A focus on personalisation can help retailers keep existing customers happy while attracting new ones, says Adobe Systems’ Michael Klein 1 7 0 Protecting retail supply chains According to Chris Hill of Barracuda, businesses must look to new forms of security to deter attacks on retail supply chains 1 7 2 A true omnichannel experience Vertex helped Patagonia implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a better customer experience 1 3 8 Widening access to healthcare Microsoft’s Dr David Rhew explains how cloud-based technologies are easing pressures on resources 1 4 6 Improving care with the cloud Gippsland Health Alliance chose Allscripts’ Sunrise platform to make its EHRs more accurate, accessible and secure 1 4 8 Delivering specialised health services A UK health provider used Quisitive’s MazikCare platform to reduce waiting times and improve prescription processes 1 5 0 Creating customisable healthcare experiences Laura Faughtenberry explains how Avaya is helping healthcare providers to develop cost-effective and compliant experiences 1 5 4 Focusing on digital inclusion Akari’s solutions are transforming accessibility and inclusivity for public sector and healthcare organisations, says Lindsay Climson 1 5 6 Improving healthcare equity Many communities still struggle to access quality healthcare services. Sally Frank explains how Microsoft is working with start-ups to change this 1 5 8 Protecting healthcare data Threatlocker’s Danny Jenkins discusses the solutions to secure patient data 1 7 3 A selection of Microsoft partners operating across all business sectors R E TA I L & HOS P I TA L I T Y C PG PUB L I C S E C TOR F E ATUR ED PAR TNE R S 1 8 0 THE L A S T WORD IDC’s Joe Dignan shares how the pandemic and climate change has affected the delivery of city services MED I A & COMMUN I CAT I ONS 1 3 2 Enabling next-generation networks Rainer Kellerhals and Rick Lievano of Microsoft discuss how the convergence of technology is delivering new and impactful services 1 3 6 Improving member communication Experian’s validation solutions help Melbourne Cricket Club to better communicate with its 140,000 members 1 2 2 The value of the service supply chain PTC’s Leslie Paulson shares why digital service supply chains are key to helping manufacturers provide successful customer experiences 1 2 4 Maximising outputs and competitiveness JourneyTEAM helps heavy equipment dealer and supplier to prepare for future growth 1 2 5 The power of partnership MECOMS’s Mar Jorba and Solgari’s Joe Leberte explain why collaboration and Microsoft technology can be transformational in energy and utilities 1 2 6 Digitising accounts receivable processes Manufacturers must prioritise digital operations to withstand future disruption, says Versapay’s Craig O’Neill 1 2 8 Why digitisation is key to saving the planet AVEVA’s Lisa Johnston discusses how digital transformation can help the manufacturing and energy sectors to become climate positive 1 5 9 Transforming the patient experience Sue Bridger shares how Solgari’s patient engagement solution can modernise healthcare services and patient experiences 1 3 7 Delivering reliable calling Inclusa migrated voice and E911 to the cloud with Microsoft Teams and Bandwidth’s Duet for Teams