Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

142 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are using the firm’s cloud technologies to help healthcare providers maintain and improve the health of the communities they serve Partner perspectives Terry Myerson CEO of Truveta “Truveta is the first health system-led company with a vision of saving lives with data. The Truveta Platform, built on Microsoft Azure, enables researchers to find cures faster, empowers every clinician to be an expert and helps families make the most informed decisions about their care. Truveta offers unprecedented real-time de-identified clinical data from tens of thousands of sites of care. For health systems, Truveta is an opportunity to collaborate and apply their collective de-identified data to improve patient care, advance health equity and expedite understanding of rare diseases. For life sciences, the Truveta Platform offers access to comprehensive real-world data to learn how any drug or device is currently being used every day across the US. With some of the world’s leading distinguished artificial intelligence (AI) experts, Microsoft and Truveta are working together to apply AI to health data to accelerate the pace of discovery and advance care for all.” F E ATUR E populations within underserved communities – organisations like Easter Seals, United Way, and American Heart Association. To complement these, we have established a network of healthcare providers that can deliver services at the local level. On the technology side, Microsoft, Accenture, and other technology partners have been able to provide the technology infrastructure required to support pop-up events and enable secure and reliable transfer of healthcare data to the appropriate healthcare and public health data systems.” Rhew is passionate about the changes that have been set in motion by these interventions. “One thing the pandemic has shown is that we have a broken public health infrastructure,” he said. “We are helping provide the resources and support for people to work together. “Our goal is not to replace existing work, but to augment or extend the capabilities so that healthcare providers and public health can reach the folks that are unreachable or have not “Our goal is not to replace existing work but to augment or extend the capabilities so that healthcare providers and public health can reach the folks that are unreachable” DR DAVID RHEW, MICROSOFT been reached. That’s super exciting, because by enabling improved communication and coordination of care between non-profits who work directly with the community, local healthcare providers and public health, we have demonstrated through VEC that we can improve the lives and outcomes for the vulnerable and the underserved, and in the process are validating a new model of care that addresses health disparities at the community-level.”