Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

149 then placed into the correct nurse’s delivery kit. Temperature control is important, and the team has identified new ways to manage the supply chain to keep those temperature-sensitive medications safe and reduce waste. National regulations require Healthcare at Home to monitor each prescribed dose as it moves through from the originating pharmaceutical company to the patient. Until now, there was only visibility into two points along each prescribed item’s journey – when it arrived at the warehouse, and when it was delivered to each patient’s home. The new approach provides visibility into every step along the way, starting with prescription creation and ending with each time a dose is taken by the patient. Besides meeting and exceeding governmental compliance requirements, nurses grow their understanding of each patient’s adherence, which increases the lifetime value of the customer. The aggregated information is used by pharmaceutical companies to understand drug efficacy in light of patient’s adherence to prescription regimens. The new approach to managing the warehouse and supporting patients grows the dispensary throughput to two times its original level, increases accuracy, timeliness of prescription delivery, eliminates refrigerated prescription medicine waste, and improves patient outcomes. As the provider continues to innovate on its digital platform, it is identifying how to grow the products and services it can offer patients, both directly and through new partnerships. Over the past few years and months, people have grown more comfortable with services at home – telemedicine, in-person medical services, food delivery, shopping, or learning. A digital platform and a strong partnership with Quisitive have given the provider an edge on satisfying their patients while improving their medical outcomes, with a digital platform that enables them to innovate for years to come. PUB L I C S E C TOR “ The provider and Quisitive started by thinking through the patient journey to find ways to innovate and eliminate friction points”