Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

150 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om “We can fully customise Avaya OneCloud to suit a healthcare provider’s specific operational requirements” I NT E R V I EW When the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designated Nebraska Medicine as one of the USA’s first-line leaders in the fight against Covid-19, the organisation knew it would face a deluge of enquiries at its network of nearly 40 health centres located across Omaha. Tasked with providing urgent care for both local patients and Americans returning from China, Nebraska Medicine used the Avaya OneCloud platform to quickly develop and deploy a cloud-based conversational platform to create 24/7 support line and automatically route callers to the most relevant information or person. This enabled human agents to focus on essential calls and scale capacity according to surges in demand, all without compromising the quality of patient care. At the peak of the pandemic, Nebraska Medicine easily handled a 250 per cent increase in call volume, despite 90 per cent of its agents working off-site. Nebraska Medicine is just one of many healthcare providers using cloud-based platforms to build composable healthcare experiences. “True digital transformation in healthcare now means offering a connected patient experience of digital engagement across an integrated, unified digital enterprise,” says Laura Faughtenberry, senior solutions marketing manager at Avaya. “To enable this, many organisations are embracing microservices platforms and composable experiences, which make it possible to deliver new applications and features quickly and easily, even as part of relatively large and complex software suites. That’s especially important in an increasingly competitive marketplace with constantly changing regulatory requirements, government mandates, global disruptions and more.” Avaya OneCloud is an award-winning, artificial intelligence-powered experience platform that provides the foundation for healthcare providers (and enterprises in other industry sectors) to compose new communication and collaboration experiences for patients and employees. The platform integrates with customer relationship Laura Faughtenberry explains how Avaya is helping healthcare providers to quickly develop and deploy cost-effective, efficient and compliant composable healthcare experiences Creating customisable healthcare experiences BY R E B E CCA G I B SON