Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

20 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om Virtual communication tools that became indispensable during the pandemic have played an increasingly significant role as the world moves from a state of crisis to recovery. According to new research from EPOS, 86 per cent of global decision makers say audio technology has become more important in the last year. In fact, global businesses reported a seven per cent increase in investment in individual audio equipment in the past year, and six per cent for shared audio equipment. By investing in high quality audio equipment as EPOS has designed, the path to productivity will be easily unlocked, creating an overall better work experience for today’s employees. MAR K E TWATCH High-quality audio is crucial for post-pandemic work, finds EPOS Digital twins are fast becoming an essential tool for tracking the myriad internet of things (IoT) devices in large infrastructures such as smart buildings and vehicle fleets. ScaleOut Software has announced the integration of its Azure-hosted, real-time analytics with the popular Azure Digital Twins service. This integration gives users the power of fast, scalable in-memory computing to analyse telemetry from thousands of IoT devices and keep their Azure Digital Twins deployments up to date. ScaleOut has also incorporated machine learning algorithms from Microsoft’s ML.NET library to give Azure Digital Twins powerful new capabilities for analysing telemetry and alerting system managers. ScaleOut Software adds analytics to Azure Digital Twins