Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

21 1UC to launch exclusive Anywhere365 training packages 1UC, the exclusive training partner of Anywhere365, has developed a range of training packages especially for organisations deploying or upgrading their contact centre solution. 1UC worked closely with Anywhere365 to create the training packages to simplify onboarding and adoption of new agents and supervisors. This has been achieved by leveraging 20 years of experience in delivering training and adoption strategies to contact centre clients globally. The result is a tried and trusted ‘Training Flow’ that supports successful adoption of Anywhere365 (and any Teams-based contact centre) by making sure all staff receive the correct training course at the right stage of the project. Remote go-live support is included, and tailored training videos can also be created to enable a blended learning approach that covers ongoing training needs. Scheduled to launch in February 2022, the training packages will automatically be made available to anyone buying an Anywhere365 Cloud Contact Centre solution. Skkynet launches DataHub service for Microsoft Azure Skkynet Cloud Systems’ DataHub technology is now available in a Microsoft Azure Managed Application for secure, real-time industrial data communications. Microsoft Azure customers can now securely acquire, monitor, control, consolidate and share their live process data. “This service provides a way to securely integrate operations technology with IT on the Microsoft Azure platform,” said Paul Thomas, president of Skkynet. The Skkynet DataHub service connects seamlessly to Azure IoT Hub for real-time remote monitoring, control and data logging. Using standard industrial protocols like OPC Unified Architecture or MQTT, users can also connect directly to popular applications and programs that run on Azure, or at remote locations. Nintex has achieved the Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program’s (FedRAMP) In Process designation for Nintex Workflow Cloud for Government, designed to be leveraged by US federal, state, local agencies, and federal contractors to quickly, easily and securely manage, automate and optimise processes and workflows. This US government-wide program provides a standard approach for assessing, authorising and continuous monitoring of cloud products and services. With this FedRAMP authorisation, government agencies and federal customers are provided a cost-effective, low-risk approach for the adoption and use of cloud services that keep federal data safe and secure. Nintex Workflow Cloud authorised for government use