Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

31 Members of the CraneMorley mixed reality team showcased Guides first-hand to attendees of EY's Strategic Growth Forum November in Palm Springs, California. Speakers and attendees included top CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and influential business and government leaders from around the world, who all attended to share their experiences on innovation, transactions, growth and what’s shaping the future of the global economy. As part of the EY Illumination Experience within the event, the CraneMorley team joined other industry professionals who discussed how technology is being used to blend the physical and virtual worlds in ways that impact training, productivity, collaboration and creativity in an increasingly digital work environment. CraneMorley experts developed two different Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides experiences that highlighted different factors of the technology. In the first experience, attendees had the opportunity to make an espresso while being walked through the process step-bystep with holographic overlays. In the second experience, attendees stepped into the shoes of a Porsche technician and had the opportunity to virtually inspect the suspension of a Macan Turbo. Components of the suspension virtually drop out of the shell of the vehicle and users can interact directly with the holograms. Across a variety of industries, large numbers of highly skilled workers will be eligible for retirement over the next five years. CraneMorley is working on harnessing the power of mixed reality to change where and how business can train employees. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides allows instructional designers to create self-paced training that leverages images, video, instruction and 3D holograms to create step-bystep, skills-based training modules. It is providing organisations with a seamless way to capture expert knowledge in a format that is ideal for training large numbers of new employees. “CraneMorley has been on the front lines of developing performance training solutions for the last 28 years,” said Nick Berger, senior instructional designer at CraneMorley. “With travel and face-to-face restrictions caused by the pandemic and up to 30 per cent of the frontline workforce retiring within the next five years, it is critical that organisations adapt to new ways of training across all industries. In response to these changing needs, we are developing blending learning solutions that feature mixed reality training.” CraneMorley showcases value of mixed reality training CraneMorley demonstrated its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides experiences at EY’s Strategic Growth Forum to highlight the potential of the technology