Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

42 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om COV E R S TOR Y Trudi Hable Global Alliance Leader for Microsoft at AVEVA Danny Jenkins CEO and Co-founder of ThreatLocker “ThreatLocker is integrated with Active Directory in the Windows operating system and tracks Microsoft products for updates. By doing so, ThreatLocker users do not have to worry about their white-listed applications being blocked every time there is an update. ThreatLocker combines whitelisting with ringfencing and elevation control so that application vulnerabilities will not be exploited and attacks are restricted from living off the land. By tracking Microsoft updates, ThreatLocker delivers highly secure and compliant products that empower workforces to operate without living in fear of the next cyber breach.” “Microsoft’s open ecosystem allows third parties to build innovative integrations with Teams, creating an environment for app developers like Bandwidth to build solutions that solve new and ever-changing enterprise cloud communications challenges. We have powered Teams calling plans in the US for over a decade, and we’re one of three certified providers of Dynamic E911 calling capabilities. Within the Teams ecosystem, we built Duet for Microsoft Teams to provide compliant Voice and Emergency Calling with Dynamic Location Routing – and won the Unified Communications award for most innovative product in 2021. We are now launching a messaging app, Send, built on top of Bandwidth’s robust Messaging APIs. Teams users will now have access to the full suite of cloud-based Voice, Emergency Calling and SMS/MMS Teams messaging, so they can easily handle all their voice communications needs from a single provider natively in the cloud, without cost and expertise needed to support their on-prem infrastructure.” “Organisations are realising the importance of an empowered workforce to fuel growth and productivity. Businesses must arm employees with the right tools to help them excel in their tasks. Cloud technologies power collaboration, workforce mobility and workplace efficiencies. They allow workers to optimise planning, executing and managing their daily jobs. Employees can leverage insights from data through cloud solutions, enabling quick decision-making and connecting them to plant processes and systems. Designed to meet the needs of the user, AVEVA Connected Worker solves problems as they arise in an evolving digital environment. AVEVA provides the connected worker with seamless collaboration, access to timely information, and enhanced visualisation and insights. For example, Schneider Electric’s connected team at its smart factory in Batam, Indonesia, reduced downtime by 44 per cent and improved on-time delivery by 40 per cent with AVEVA. Together with Microsoft, AVEVA is committed to empowering the connected workforce to leverage the value of cloud and become agents of change.” Lauren Brockman Product Director of Business Application Integrations at Bandwidth