Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

43 Zhi Wei Li Director of Innovation and Engineering at ICONICS Willian Bain CEO of ScaleOut Software “ICONICS leverages Microsoft cloud technologies like Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Edge, and Azure storage and compute to provide end-to-end data solutions for any industry efficiently and securely from the field to the user. Data from the field is published to the Azure IoT Hub at scale, then processed and analysed in real time with Azure compute. Analysis results are stored contextually according to asset hierarchies and other metadata and made available via ICONICS visualisation applications and application programming interfaces for third-party solutions. With the Microsoft cloud, ICONICS takes advantage of Microsoft’s breadth, security and reliability investments, making it possible to easily and quickly build solutions that can be deployed globally to empower workforces wherever they are.” “The population of intelligent internet of things (IoT) devices that power today’s complex infrastructures is growing exponentially. Whether tracking biometric data, vehicle fleets, power and telecommunication networks, or smart cities, these devices generate torrents of data and often require immediate responses to keep everything running smoothly. The Microsoft Azure cloud’s ecosystem of IoT services provides the scalable, secure platform that’s needed to meet this challenge. Fast message ingestion using Azure IoT Hub, per-device tracking with Azure Digital Twins, and rich visualisation with Power BI are examples of foundational services that system managers can use to build software solutions. ScaleOut Software’s recently announced integration of real-time analytics and machine learning with Azure Digital Twins offers breakthrough new capabilities for intelligently tracking large numbers of IoT assets and enabling system managers to maximise situational awareness. These combined technologies give managers powerful tools for tackling the mission-critical demands of today’s live systems.”