Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

49 The Teams collaboration platform provides many further opportunities to improve the remote and hybrid meeting experience for employees through a range of add-on devices. For example, Teams Rooms – a touchscreen piece of hardware placed outside of or within meeting rooms – can now notify in-room participants if the meeting is over capacity by using data from cameras that support people-counting. Hot desking on Teams displays also allows employees to quickly locate and reserve workspaces. Microsoft partners have also been involved in enhancing the collaboration platform to improve productivity for users worldwide. Jabra’s new PanaCast 20 personal video conferencing device adds to theTeams experiencewith features suchas 4K Ultra HD video quality, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Intelligent Zoom to keep the speaker centred in the frame, automatic lighting optimisation and Picture-In-Picture functionality to enable participants share a close-up as their main image while continuing to present in a smaller window. Poly’s Studio Room Kits are available for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, providing users with auto-camera framing and noise-reducing technologies, and EPOS’s video conferencing system EXPAND SP 30T uses AI to enhance collaboration with high-definition video, audio and noise cancellation. With Microsoft Teams growing in success primarily through remote and hybrid working scenarios and with cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, there is a greater need for security protocols. As such, Microsoft has made end-to-end encryption generally available for Teams. “Hybrid work is here to stay,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, at Ignite 2021. “As big as the changes over the past 20 months have been, it’s just the beginning. The established patterns of work we have relied on for years are undergoing monumental changes that will completely redefine work. To thrive in this new world, every organisation needs a digital fabric that binds the organisation together with secure communication, collaboration and creation. The Microsoft Cloud is the only cloud that can empower everyone in this new era, and at the centre of it all is Teams.” With devices like Jabra PanaCast 20, Teams users can benefit from highquality video and AI-driven Intelligent Zoom in their virtual meetings