Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

50 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are supporting and building on the Teams platform to better equip workforces around the world Partner perspectives Alex Peras Director of Unified Communications and Corporate Development Partnerships at Crestron Ashvini Webster Managing Director at 1UC “Crestron and Microsoft have been strategic partners for over a decade, and we’ve been working together to ensure Crestron products give users the best possible Teams experience. We reached an inflection point during the pandemic and realised that we were no longer merely connecting one remote worker to another – we had to account for hybrid work situations that provided both in-person and video-conferencing meeting attendees with the same experience. That experience starts with terrific audio – that’s absolutely key. The next consideration is intelligent video, and then the ability to share content seamlessly and intuitively from anywhere, whether you’re in a home office or a company boardroom. We’re designing purpose-built solutions that give every attendee an equal seat at the table and are working daily with Microsoft to continuously enhance the solutions we’re providing. It’s especially important now that some formerly all-remote workers are returning to the office.” “When the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of new ways of working, Teams became a driving force for remote collaboration. For Microsoft partners, this made it necessary to rethink the long-term support they provided alongside the product licences they sell. They realised that their clients needed to be taken through the full journey, including a beginning-to-end change management strategy around digital transformation as well as full support around adoption of these vital technologies. Many software providers have specialist expertise in-house to deliver engineering, installation and maintenance of the solutions they provide. However, when it comes to change management and training, they often need to partner with a specialist organisation that can bring the skills and experience they need to complete the project team. 1UC has stepped in to fill that gap. We offer a complete white-label change management and training support service to Microsoft partners looking to deploy Teams or any of the Microsoft portfolio within their clients’ digital ecosystem. With 1UC working closely with the Microsoft partner and the end client, a seamless project team is ensured and a successful transformation project is achieved with full installation, maintenance and adoption capabilities.” “With growing provider burnout, a looming physician shortage and increasing consumerism in healthcare, solutions that provide a better experience for patients and providers and increase efficiencies are needed now more than ever. Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience for Teams enables better telehealth visits without tech toggling or manually documenting care during or after visits. Physicians can focus on their patients, instead of their documentation, no matter where the care is given and can use it with any electronic health record to scale telehealth visits.” Jared Pelo Chief Clinical Product Officer at Nuance Communications