Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

90 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om Moving to direct routing brings more responsibility for any organisation. You face a variety of challenges when managing phone numbers, including the hassle of keeping spreadsheets up to date and the time it takes for IT administrators to run PowerShell scripts (which may be a particularly daunting task for some smaller IT teams). We’re helping organisations overcome these challenges by enhancing the capabilities of the voice offeringwith our Teams VoiceManagement app. With automated workflows, the solution allows users to request the capability to make public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls, get a number based on a change in location and alter the type of calling access users need. Our solution is aimed at IT administrators and helps them save time when dealing with user requests. The app offers the same functionality as the automated workflow for the end users but comes with the added bonus of Power BI dashboards, which cover information on number ranges, phone system usage and requests. Our future plans for this solution include integrating the automated workflow into our user provisioning workflow, using Microsoft Active Directory to populate the request form and automatic alerts to assist IT admins. We have also developed the functionality to create and automatically manage call queues and auto attendants, which have become a core part of telephony within most organisations. However, there are some challenges with creating and managing both of these, such as understanding how to create and license them. The responsibility for these tasks lies with the IT admins, which can often cause time-consuming bottlenecks when it comes to getting this service set up and configured. Resonate provides a Power Platform solution that automates the creation of auto attendant and call queue workflows. Importantly, it comes with a self-service management feature for managers and owners of these workflows that is not currently available within Microsoft Teams. The management PowerApp also allows IT admins to receive reports and metrics on how frequently these services are used. Future development of this solution, soon to be available, includes adding a visual representation of call flow, chatbot integration to simplify Call Queue and Auto Attendant management, as well as monthly agent analytics. This will give your managers the opportunity to set targets and view the performance of each of their agents over a 28-day period, driving further efficiency in your organisation. Mike Harvey is a product manager at Resonate Removing obstacles to improve efficiency Resonate enhances the capabilities of the voice offering with Power Platform, building customer value by combining different elements of the Microsoft technology stack V I EWPO I NT “Resonate provides Power Platform solutions that automate the creation of Auto Attendant and Call Queue workflows” M I K E HAR V E Y : R E SONAT E