Technology Record - Issue 24: Spring 2022

48 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om COV E R S TOR Y We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are leveraging the firm’s technology to help customers reach their sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact Partner perspectives Andy Byers Strategic Partnerships Director, Ansys “Industrial sustainability is about bringing greater operational efficiency, while saving energy and resources to reduce environmental footprints. Organisations across all sectors are quickly realising the role of technology in achieving this. AVEVA and Microsoft are helping customers to use artificial intelligence, digital twins and other technologies to acquire critical data-driven insights, which can optimise operations and drive sustainability goals. AVEVA Unified Operations Center and AVEVA Insight delivered via Microsoft Azure are supporting organisations to build agile plants, design and engineer reliable operations, and secure production. The two firms are demonstrating how industrial software and a data-centric approach is imperative to build a net-zero economy.” “In the last decade, the climate and water crisis has drastically escalated. If the world continues down its current path, the United Nations predicts that freshwater demand will outstrip supply by 56 per cent in 2030. In response to these challenges, industrial businesses are increasingly looking for opportunities to operationalise sustainability and performance goals. Ecolab believes that data access and visibility are key to smart water and energy management. The ECOLAB3D intelligence platform helps us track and predict operational performance to help reduce water and energy. Through our partnership with Microsoft, we have combined industry best practices and digital technologies to support resilient and sustainable operations.” “We enable our customers to meet their sustainability goals by helping them design products that are lighter, safer, faster to market and more efficient. All of this adds up to reduce waste and lower energy costs. To leverage the combined benefits of cloud computing and best-in-class engineering simulation, Ansys partnered with the Microsoft Azure team to create a secure cloud solution. We value the carbon-neutral achievements and goals that Microsoft has made, and via Ansys Cloud, our customers can feel assured that the resources being used are carbon neutral and contribute significantly to sustainability.” Trudi Hable Global Alliance Leader for Microsoft, AVEVA Michael Cerilli Vice President, Digital Growth, Ecolab Industrial