Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

112 Having a platform that can track and predict this data in real time and in simulations is the only way to achieve efficient and resilient supply chains. Using digital twins from the raw materials side, manufacturing process and delivery and contract systems creates the digital thread that manufacturers are asking for.” Digital twin and digital thread capabilities are also enabling manufacturers to create breakthrough customer experiences. Sircar points to P&G, which recently announced a partnership with Microsoft to transform its digital manufacturing platform. Its goal is to leverage the industrial internet of things, digital twin, data and AI to bring products to consumers faster and increase customer satisfaction, all while improving productivity and reducing costs. In doing so, P&G will enable itself to create solutions for the daily problems of millions of consumers while generating value for all stakeholders. “Customers are paying closer attention to how products are made in terms of traceability of materials and sustainability practices,” says Sircar. “They also want great value and good support before, during and after the sale. To deliver this level of service and engagement, manufacturers must correlate data from customer experience, product development and the manufacturing process. They must be able to show why they chose a particular raw material, where that material came from and how much energy was consumed making the product. Digital twins and digital threads, using real data from customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, can help manufacturers show a direct link between customer sentiment, product quality and support. This can be a real competitive advantage and lead to many other product development insights.” DIGITAL TWINS BY NUMBERS 28% of manufacturers have rolled out digital twins 4% have fully deployed digital twins in their factories 45% of manufacturers are in the development and proof-ofconcept (POC) stage of digital twin projects 39% are developing and doing POC with augmented reality Source: Microsoft, IoT Signals: Manufacturing Spotlight report 2022 F E ATUR E