Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

I NDU S T R I A L S & MANU FAC TUR I NG Manufacturing is an industry that characteristically embraces innovation, so it is fitting that some organisations are already seeing the value that digital twin and digital thread technology can deliver. For those at an earlier stage of their transformation journey, Sircar says it’s important to get the basics in place. “Once manufacturing assets are securely connected to the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, building a common data foundation that puts normalised operational technology (OT) data in the proper context is a critical first step,” says Sircar. “This standardised data is used to build the digital twin and digital thread baseline. Without it, no matter what type of IT tool or technology is thrown at the problem, very little value will come from any effort or investment.” Building on that foundation by adding OT, ERP and other data provides the end-toend view required for continual operational improvement. And as digital and physical worlds converge, a universe of unbounded innovation – the metaverse – is emerging. “With the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and digital twins, every stakeholder has access to the software and support required to provide a comprehensive view of product development, customer engagement and the manufacturing process,” say Sircar. “This level of integration, access, correlation and visualisation enables manufacturers to design, build and operate their business from a single digitally native platform. It will transform the manufacturing industry, in turn preparing firms for the next wave of innovation where digital twins play a central role – the industrial metaverse.” “ Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing was built to leverage inherent Azure capabilities. It is the foundation on which digital engineering, digital twins and digital threads are built”