Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

116 “In the process industries, digital twins provide a means to share engineering data and documents through a 3D model. During the design and build of a project, the digital twin ensures the hundreds of people involved access the current version of the document, which prevents rework, cost overruns and delays. The project is delivered on time, in spec and in budget – the leading key performance indicators. During operate and maintain phases, the digital twin continues to provide engineering information and is adapted to the workflows for reliability, inspections, maintenance and operations to lower costs and improve uptime with enhanced revenue, margins and quality.” Ralph Rio Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, ARC Advisory Group Image: Bentley Systems F E ATUR E “Digital transformation provides manufacturers with a critical foundation to deliver operational efficiency and improve flexibility and end-toend supply chain visibility. As a key element of digital transformation, digital twin technology offers real-time situational awareness and lays the data foundation for more advanced capabilities within the manufacturing process. Digital twins strengthen agility by enabling complete visibility into plant operations, resources and assets, while offering real-time insights into delivery capabilities. The ability to run ‘what if’ scenarios means manufacturers can determine the best outcomes virtually and respond to changing market dynamics. Further, by abstracting production sites in a standardised digital twin of the plant, production lines can be transformed across many sites with varying practices for similar operational activities.” “Together with Microsoft, we are making digital transformation a reality today for our industrial customers. Schneider’s EcoStruxure solutions, powered by Azure, enable openness, flexibility and unparalleled connectivity for safe and sustainable industrial operations. Our industrial automation offers, such as Plant Advisor, enable IT/OT integration across multiple systems and sites, delivering real-time insights with needed key performance indicators for business optimisation. One real-life example is our recent project with a mining customer where the deployment of a multi-site process intelligence solution resulted in savings of more than €5 million per year per site, up to 3-5 per cent improvement in production volume and significant savings in water and energy consumption.’’ Sree Hameed Consumer Products Industry Strategist, AVEVA Abhishek Khanna Global Microsoft Alliance Director, Schneider Electric