Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

117 “The WillowTwin for Mining solution is currently addressing the challenge of being able to prioritise work across organisational silos to ensure production targets are hit. We’re doing this through Microsoft Azure Digital Twins and a constraints model, utilising various systems data in the digital twin to identify bottlenecks and their causes. With Azure digital twins, we’re applying this technology to more and more areas in mining by leveraging currently ephemeral data and additional data silos. We aim to connect with our rail industry solution for a complete pit-to-port digital twin addressing a variety of challenges.” “PTC technologies enable customers to define rich digital twins in 3D and the internet of things (IoT). They then take advantage of Microsoft’s digital twin services to share the insights of what was designed in the digital world with what is happening in the physical world. Using our IoT capabilities, particularly ThingWorx, our customers can have rich interactions with Microsoft's digital twin and other Azure services to effectively operationalise that data. As a result, customers can leverage rich product data to unlock deeper insights through the use of simulation, analytics and augmented reality, and ultimately differentiate their offerings for their customers.” “Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem enables established and new plants to be equipped with the integrated asset performance management solution powered by digital twins from Bosch. This helps manufacturers to achieve perpetual connectivity with their assets, with holistic monitoring and optimisation functions. To harvest the strength of artificial intelligence for manufacturing operations, the ideal approach is to work with industry leaders who have bestin-class manufacturing expertise and a solid hold on cloud technology. This is what Bosch and Microsoft bring to the table. We can connect equipment across the factory floor, helping to predict risks, reduce downtime and optimise operations with intelligence by making the invisible visible. We enable organisations to track assets and understand performance runs with ‘what-if’ scenarios, and finetune equipment with AI using real-time and historical data.” I NDU S T R I A L S & MANU FAC TUR I NG Prahallad CR Partner-Customer Solutions, Bosch Bhuvan Shetty Global Strategic Partnerships & Sales, Bosch Tom Rivett Senior Mining Consultant, Willow Steve Dertien Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, PTC