Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

118 Machine learning versus machine teaching ANDY BY E R S : ANS Y S Microsoft and Ansys have developed a new approach to training artificial intelligence models using digital twins Engineers are increasingly using artificial intelligence to automate processes and make decisions faster and more effectively than humans can. But, while engineers are experts in their area of specialisation, most of them are not data scientists. And they don’t have the time to learn data science and write the complex code that AI modules require. Microsoft Project Bonsai helps engineers create AI-powered automation without using data science. Instead, it graphically connects software modules that have already been programmed to perform certain AI functions. A complete set of connected functions that can perform a task is called a ‘brain’. A brain is a standalone, portable software module that can be used as part of an open loop to advise a human operator on the best decision, or it can be configured in closedloop mode where it replaces the human, making decisions and carrying them out by itself. V I EWPO I NT