Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

36 MAR K E TWATCH Anywhere365 has chosen 30 professionals from its worldwide partner network as its first-ever ambassadors and started collaborating with them to improve its cloud-based dialogue management and contact centre platform for the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The organisation hosted a summit for ambassadors at its headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this autumn, enabling them to meet key members of its product and management teams, gain early access to its product roadmap and hear about its partnership with Microsoft. Ambassadors were also invited to provide direct feedback on the product roadmap, requested features, service improvements, and cloud tooling and marketing initiatives. Anywhere365 will continue to meet with, and seek regular feedback from, ambassadors on an ongoing basis. “This will allow us to build an approach that will better support partners and their customers in future,” said Loira Browning, partner marketing manager at Anywhere365. Anywhere365 names first 30 ambassadors At AVEVAWorld in San Francisco in November 2022, industry experts highlighted how software innovation is connecting data, building industrial ecosystems that empower teams and “transform value chains into agile, profitable and sustainable networks” across multiple sectors. This is what AVEVA is heralding as the connected industrial economy. The event demonstrated how companies such as Barry Callebaut, Kellogg’s and Pfizer have connected their industrial ecosystems by adopting cloud-based industrial software. This has allowed the organisations to engage experts within and beyond their enterprise to deliver innovative projects, optimise operations life cycles, accelerate decision-making and reach sustainability targets. AVEVA shares vision for connected industrial economy