Technology Record - Issue 27: Winter 2022

37 How CyberProof helps with advanced threat hunting Cybercriminals can hide inside networks for days, weeks or months, preparing and executing attacks while remaining undetected by security defences. Drawing on its expertise in defensive and offensive cybersecurity tactics, CyberProof identifies serious threats that have slipped through the security perimeter. CyberProof’s solutions detect anomalies, threats and insider activity across an organisation’s network, end points and cloud environment using indicator of compromise feeds, threat intelligence research, behavioural analysis, and more. Its dedicated Threat Hunting team proactively searches for threats that were missed by security tools, carrying out investigations based on relevant incidents, dark web activity, and MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Farmers use Microsoft technology to boost yields Microsoft is working alongside agricultural digital marketplace provider Croper and Managro, a conglomerate that invests in Latin America’s agricultural sector, to improve opportunities for Colombian farmers by providing access to affordable internet and devices through its Airband initiative. In addition, Microsoft Research is developing a new suite of farm-focused technology called Project FarmVibes that will use artificial intelligence to analyse and provide data to improve global farming methods. This technology will be made available to researchers, data scientists and farmers to turn agricultural data into action and boost yields and reduce costs.