Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

126 for manufacturers to adopt the solutions they need to address pressing business needs – such as building more intelligent factories, creating more resilient and sustainable supply chains, unlocking innovation and improving the customer experience. One of the major issues impacting how far manufacturers have progressed on their transformation journeys is security. Rodriguez Lepage explains: “We asked whether they could show return on investment from their digitalisation efforts – and the results show that those further ahead are seeing more benefits and that they don’t see security as the big challenge. However, those that haven’t started the move to the cloud still list security concerns as one of the reasons they haven’t done so yet.” Working on their digital transformation journey with a trustworthy partner is common ground for the IT, OT and ET decision-makers. “They value industry knowledge,” says Rodriguez Lepage. “Yes, they want hyperscalers, but they’re mostly looking for those that deliver the industry cloud infrastructure and platform at scale. What they value the most is having an ecosystem of partners that are building on that common and shared platform, because that helps them with security, IT/OT convergence and overall scalability.” Survey respondents said employee security training (38.2 per cent), security monitoring and threat analysis (37.9 per cent) and a dedicated security policy (35.9 per cent) were essential to digitising factories. Rodriguez Lepage says this is especially true as manufacturers build their digital transformation on the cloud, with those in key OT roles showing the most concern about public cloud adoption. FEATURE “ The energy crisis has put a spotlight on investments, but it’s also been good for sustainability”