Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

ISSUE 28: SPRING 2023 £24.00 Amid a constantly changing cybersecurity landscape, Microsoft and partners are helping organisations combat evolving risks Securing the enterprise PLUS: Microsoft’s Anya Minbiole explains why retailers should invest in frontline workers Kroll helps BSM to improve cyber resilience during its Microsoft Azure migration Capgemini is using an Orbus Software solution to help firms meet ESG challenges Hannover Messe 2023 will highlight solutions for a sustainable manufacturing industry Francesco Venturini of Microsoft discusses change and competition in media

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9 ANDY CLAYTON-SMITH: EXECUTIVE EDITOR The war in Ukraine has just entered its second year. Along with the untold traumas of those directly involved in this conflict, economic shockwaves are resonating around the world. In any such event, information can actively be used to define the course of activities, and never more so than in this age of connected technology and highly advanced social integration. In our cover story, starting on page 50, we offer perspectives from Microsoft and many of its leading partners on the subject of cybersecurity and its heightened importance in these troubled times. Another topic on many peoples’ minds right now is that of artificial intelligence. Recent announcements set the stage for a leap in innovation which Bill Gates has categorised as “the most important technological advance in decades”. Microsoft’s partnership with developer OpenAI and the announcement of the corporation’s significant investment in development of its core AI product ChatGPT puts both companies at the head of the conversation about where this ground-breaking technology might take us all next. In our lead Marketwatch item on page 18, we discuss the full range of Azure-based AI tools which Microsoft has recently rolled-out, along with insights into how these new tools will further extend the reach and reliability of existing products such as Microsoft 365, Bing and Viva. One thing is certain, if we are to embrace these new developments, then we must also consider the entirely new ethical debates that come with them. In a world where multiple AI solutions can now effectively pass the ‘Turing test’ and gain an ability to exhibit intelligence equivalent to that of a human, what measures do we need to put in place to protect the consumer and forestall the unwanted attentions of potential ‘bad actors’? As with most things, with evolution comes uncertainty, and so it is incumbent upon AI developers, enterprise leaders, public sector organisations and citizens worldwide to ensure these tools for potential good do not turn into a modern-day Pandora’s box. Some interesting times ahead, which will no doubt ensure that the topic of AI stays firmly front-of-mind for everybody. For now though, I hope you enjoy reading more in the latest edition of Technology Record. WELCOME: SPRING 2023 Safely embracing new technology

Unleash the power of your mainframe data. Kyndryl and Microsoft transform your mainframe and cloud data into business intelligence. Together, we empower you with Microsoft Power Platform tools for low-code/no-code application development. That’s progress. See the webinar

11 CONTENTS 50 SECURING THE ENTERPRISE Global shifts have changed the cybersecurity landscape. Microsoft and its partners are working together to combat evolving risks 18 MARKETWATCH The latest news from Microsoft and its partners, including significant investments in AI across Microsoft products 42 Media’s massive opportunity Microsoft’s Francesco Venturini discusses how the firm can help media and communications businesses improve digital capabilities and better engage with audiences 46 Schneider Electric’s Olivier Blum discusses the transformative potential of optimising how we use energy 64 Kroll helped BSM to improve cyber resilience during its Microsoft Azure migration 66 Ontinue helped Swiss industrial manufacturer Franke to reduce threat response times and safeguard its assets and reputation 68 Tony Velleca of CyberProof explains how thinking like a hacker can help businesses to protect their critical assets 72 E ffective detection and response technologies will be transformational for organisations battling sophisticated cyber threats, says Carsten Willems of VMRay 74 O brela’s George Daglas believes that a blend of people and programs will protect critical business assets 75 K urt Mueffelmann of archTIS highlights the need to move away from traditional security tools 76 Jason Pfeiffer explains how the ReliaQuest GreyMatter security operations platform can help businesses improve threat detection and response 78 The cybersecurity industry must adopt large language models to combat cyberattacks, says Armorblox’s Anand Raghavan 80 Offensive security testing can be the strategic foundation of any cybersecurity programme, says Synack’s Wade Lance 82 F ortra’s Theo Zafirakos explains why businesses must train their employees on security best practices 84 A kamai Technologies’ Robert Blumofe discusses the opportunities and potential challenges of generative AI ISSUE 28: SPRING 2023

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13 86 Microsoft’s Roy Dehing and Anywhere365’s Ruud Lendfers explain how they are delivering transformative enterprise communications 89 Oliver Paterson discusses how VIPRE’s solutions are helping enterprises to make Microsoft Office more secure 90 Orbus Software’s Tim Mitchell provides three top tips for how businesses can become market leaders 92 Crestron’s Sam Kennedy explains why technology is key to engaging everyone in a hybrid workplace 94 Pragya Malhotra shares how isolved’s Microsoft Azure-based HR solutions can improve employee and customer experiences 96 Microsoft and Infosys are working together to safeguard enterprises against rapidly evolving digital threats. Bineesh Babukuttan explains 98 Interactive education can help build a securityaware organisational culture. Fortra’s Theo Zafirakos shares more 1 00 Businesses must follow zero-trust principles to survive the evolving threat landscape, says Entrust’s Rohan Ramesh 1 02 A ndrew Lorraine of shares how organisations can empower mobile workers to withstand future business challenges 1 04 C PQ and document automation solutions give employees the information to do their jobs more confidently and effectively, says Experlogix’s Bryant Harland 1 07 Guy Tallent discusses how Kyndryl can help businesses manage disruptive acquisition and merger transactions 1 08 M artin Bodley of Bose Professional highlights the ways that AI can improve the effectiveness of workplace conferencing 1 10 Tollring’s Hilary OIiver discusses how collaboration analytics can help managers make more informed decisions 111 Reconfigured offices will create more inclusive, flexible and productive workplaces, says Jabra’s Nigel Dunn 112 Susan Terry of Avaya says a combination of three key factors are necessary to provide a foundation for customer satisfaction 114 Caryn Sklar discusses how Capgemini helps customers meet ESG challenges with Orbus Software’s enterprise architecture platform 116 J abra’s Aurangzeb Khan discusses how businesses can deliver the best possible hybrid meetings CONTENTS FEATURED PARTNERS 179 A selection of Microsoft partners operating across all business sectors 188 THE LAST WORD Executive Networks’ Jeanne Meister shares why businesses should rethink the role of the office to prioritise their employees

14 CONTENTS FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING 134 Ansys and Microsoft are helping organisations use digital twins for more than just simulation. Manzoor Tiwana tells us more 136 AVEVA’s Lisa Wee explains why investments in digital technology, clean energy and infrastructure will help to achieve net-zero operations by 2050 138 Tom Nall, Michael Schleuss and Marko Weisse discuss Avanade’s smart digital manufacturing offering and how it delivers true transformation to customers 140 Data partnerships will help businesses to address economic uncertainty, drive the industrial metaverse and safeguard future operations, says AVEVA’s Andrew McCloskey 142 Andy Byers shares how Ansys’s partnership with Microsoft can help its customers run more simulations in less time 143 Xavier Mesrobian of Skkynet Cloud Systems discusses how demilitarised zones can keep data safe and prevent expensive attacks 144 Making movies in the cloud As media companies explore cloud-based options to replace their on-premises systems, Microsoft’s Andy Beach discusses the benefits and challenges of the shift 124 Taking transformation to the next level A new survey highlights how manufacturers can accelerate their digitalisation efforts with investment into Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing 133 Augury’s Chris Dobbrow explains why companies should introduce AI solutions to deliver transformative value MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS 118 Unleashing the potential of AI Microsoft’s Roni Karassik and Philippe Brissaud discuss the opportunities that AI offers financial service providers 122 Businesses can use automation software to address fraud detection, risk management, trading and investment, and customer service. Metafile’s Andy Birkey explains

15 RETAIL & CG 166 Fighting for the frontline workers Microsoft’s Anya Minbiole explains how equipping frontline workers with tools to communicate, collaborate and streamline tasks can transform retail experiences 175 Scaling back licensed technology with Microsoft 365 F3 can save businesses money and improve access to the cloud, says Don Lewis of Synergy Technical 176 RSM helped Tillamook County Creamery Association to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system to meet increased consumer demand 178 B2B commerce platforms can be as simple as online shopping. Cavallo’s Matt Abbott explains how great buying experiences don’t need to be solely for consumers 156 The road to recovery Microsoft’s chief medical officer David Rhew discusses the important role of data and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare in addressing the industry’s challenges 162 Lightbeam Health Solutions’ Kent Locklear reveals how data management and analytics can reduce burnout and improve patient care 164 Microsoft’s Sally Ann Frank highlights start-ups that are using AI to improve diagnoses, manage patient care and free up clinicians HEALTHCARE 150 François Guilleautot of Ateme highlights why media and telecommunications firms need an integrated solution 152 Implementing Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams can help businesses address the challenges of the 2020s, says Gamma’s Chris Wade 154 Kollective’s Garret Gladden explains the value of an enterprise content delivery network that uses machine learning

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Microsoft has rolled out several new artificial intelligence services to deliver powerful new functionalities to partners and customers. The new enterprise-grade OpenAI ChatGPT service on Microsoft Azure, the result of a four-year long partnership with OpenAI, uses largescale generative AI to accelerate new capabilities, including expanding the power of large language models. “Microsoft’s decision to partner with OpenAI was rooted in the conviction that this unprecedented infrastructure scale would yield results – new AI capabilities, a new type of programming platform – that Microsoft could transform into products and services that offer real benefit to customers,” said Phil Waymouth, senior director of strategic partnerships at Microsoft. “That shift from large-scale research happening in labs to the industrialisation of AI allowed us to get the results we’re starting to see today.” Microsoft customers and developers across a variety of industries will be able to directly integrate ChatGPT into their business systems and applications to resolve customer support issues faster, deliver personalised recommendations and automate claims processing. Microsoft partners will be able to use the service to create powerful new functionality in services of their own. Microsoft is also using these new AI capabilities in Bing, Viva and across Microsoft 365. The new Microsoft Bing search engine and Edge browser in Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses machine learning to improve the quality and depth of search results for users. The solutions deliver more complete answers, content generation opportunities and a new, interactive chat experience. Referring to the new tools as an ‘AI co-pilot for the web’, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing officer, described the launch as “improving how the world benefits from the web” by enabling users to “unlock the joy of discovery, feel the wonder of creation and better harness the world’s knowledge”. Viva Sales can generate suggested email content for a variety of scenarios with data relevant to the recipient, including pricing, promotions and deadlines. This means that sellers can spend less time composing emails and searching for data from colleagues and databases. With the new ‘Copilot’ AI assistance in Microsoft 365 – which MARKETWATCH Microsoft delivers new AI capabilities to partners and customers Several new initiatives are bringing smarter AI capabilities across Azure, Bing, Microsoft 365 and more 18 New AI offering on Bing Image Creator will allow users to generate images from verbal descriptions in Bing Chat and Microsoft Edge

19 is currently in testing with selected customers – users can improve productivity and efficiency when using Microsoft 365 applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. According to Microsoft, these new tools can help people be “more creative in Word, more analytical in Excel, more expressive in PowerPoint, more productive in Outlook and more collaborative in Teams”. For example, Copilot in Word writes, edits, summarises and creates alongside users as they work, while Copilot in Excel helps unlock insights, identify trends and create professional data visualisations. Also new is Business Chat, which brings together data from documents, presentations, email, calendar, notes and contacts to summarise chats, write emails, find key dates and more. Microsoft users can also create new intelligent applications and solutions to differentiate themselves from competitors using the low-code/ no-code platform Azure OpenAI Studio. This, alongside the GitHub Copilot that uses large language models to suggest additional lines of code and functions, helps application and software developers to create better solutions faster. Furthermore, the recent rollout of Microsoft’s most powerful AI virtual machine series on Microsoft Azure, called ND H100 v5 VM, will enhance supercomputing capabilities. Microsoft’s partnership with Nvidia, for example, will deliver significantly faster AI capabilities to joint customers. “Delivering on the promise of advanced AI for our customers requires supercomputing infrastructure, services, and expertise to address the exponentially increasing size and complexity of the latest models,” said Matt Vegas, principal product manager of Azure HPC and AI at Microsoft. “At Microsoft, we are meeting this challenge by applying a decade of experience in supercomputing and supporting the largest AI training workloads to create AI infrastructure capable of massive performance at scale.”

20 MARKETWATCH BLIK, the Polish payments company, and ITSCREDIT are taking ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) to a “whole new level,” according to Ricardo de Campos, CEO of ITSCREDIT, by developing a new capability of fast and easy installment payments. ITSCREDIT is providing the risk and scoring software for the BLIK Pay Later service, which is being trialled by a select group of Bank Millennium customers. The settlement of BLIK Pay Later transactions will be enabled by Przelewy24 and customers can trial the payments at the Media Markt Poland website. The solution will soon be made available to a larger group of customers, banks and stores. BLIK and ITSCREDIT team up to trial new BNPL payment method Ansys is extending its collaboration with Microsoft to deliver further cloudbased access to its simulation solutions and computer-aided engineering tools via Microsoft Azure. The firm will launch Ansys Access on Microsoft Azure, which will enable organisations to use their existing Ansys applications along with Azure services. As part of the partnership, Ansys will also expand its go-to-market strategy with Microsoft, including digital twins, autonomous driving and the use of simulation data to train artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. The combination of these plans will enable mutual customers who migrate to the cloud to increase productivity and flexibility, reduce costs, and improve virtual collaboration and data management. Ansys delivers cloud-based simulation solutions with Microsoft Microsoft has opened entries for its Partner of the Year Awards 2023, with winners to be announced at Microsoft Inspire in July 2023. The awards acknowledge outstanding successes and innovations by Microsoft partners in over 100 countries across a wide variety of categories and industries, both globally and locally. Award recipients are selected based on their commitment to customers, the impact of their solutions and their exemplary use of Microsoft technologies. Microsoft opens entries for Partner of the Year Awards 2023 Photo: iStock/AsiaVision

27 Cloud Strategy Engagement: Licensing Strategy Engagement: Deploy to the Cloud & Consolidate Your Licensing Many organizations have been re-inspired to explore sustainability strategies. But to realize their goals, they must make a renewed commitment to technological innovation. By helping organizations understand their real cloud licensing needs, we help reduce their carbon footprint while increasing e ciency and productivity. Licensing Strategy Engagement Cloud Strategy Engagement • Review business initiatives & projects • Analyze your current environment & potential cloud capabilities • Find under/over-licensed software • Understand your technology needs • Centralize & consolidate contracts Our Business IT Strategy o ers include: Do more with less

22 MARKETWATCH Japan’s Hokkaido Electric Power Co. (HEPCO) has – with the help of Avanade – developed a new mixed reality solution to inspect equipment and standardise skill transfer among employees. “The people at HEPCO are always on the lookout for information and frequently ask us for advice on new technologies and initiatives at other companies,” said Teiichi Takemura, manager of Avanade Japan. “I am always impressed by their high level of awareness. Since information on mixed reality was already shared within the company, the discussion on its implementation proceeded smoothly.” HEPCO develops mixed reality solution for equipment inspection HR trends for 2023 A new webinar from security software provider archTIS addresses how to enhance data security in Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Purview and attribute-based access control (ABAC). Dave Matthews, product manager of governance and compliance at archTIS, and Hammad Rajjoub, director of compliance and privacy ecosystem at Microsoft, discuss how businesses can use dynamic ABAC policies to prevent accidental and malicious data loss. They highlight archTIS’s discovery, compliance and protection software NC Protect in providing unique security capabilities including dynamic watermarking of Office documents, computer-aided design files, read-only access and more. Watch the webinar at: archTIS webinar highlights data security in Microsoft 365 Photo: Microsoft 49% of employees plan to look for a new job in 2023. 59% feel that their employer can do more to enhance their career. 69% say they have experienced burnout over the last year. 21% feel that there isn’t room for growth within their company. 28% don’t feel secure in their position. 46% say employers are providing a poor applicant experience while recruiting. These findings are taken from human capital management software company isolved’s report Pause, Pivot or Plan: HR Trends of 2023, which sheds light on the importance of nurturing peer relationships, mapping career growth for employees and creating better candidate experience to shorten recruitment timelines.

23 Audit and advisory firm Mazars has partnered with inVia Robotics to bring digital transformation to the warehouse. Mazars will provide systems integration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management with inVia’s warehouse optimisation system, which includes inVia Logic AI-enabled software and a fleet of inVia Picker autonomous mobile robots. This agreement expands Mazars’ capabilities in robotics technology that target the retail, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing sectors. Microsoft introduced inVia to Mazars as a partner of choice for systems integration and consulting services. Mazars and inVia Robotics modernise warehousing Kroll adds incident protection warranty to MDR service Risk and governance expert Kroll has added a new $1 million Responder Incident Protection warranty to its managed detection and response (MDR) service. In doing so, new and existing customers of the firm’s Redscan platform – which offers security assessment services – will now receive endpoint protection and reimbursements of costs related to a range of potential breaches. This includes ransomware, business email compromise, compliance and regulatory failure, as well as business income loss. “Kroll deals with thousands of incidents every year, many of which are handled in collaboration with attorneys and insurers,” said Marc Brawner, global head of cyber risk managed services at Kroll. “Being on the frontline means we can both anticipate and react to the changing cyber environment, and our new warranty further bolsters our unique ability to deliver complete response as part of our MDR service.” Infosys is launching the new Infosys Inventory Management Solution, which allows businesses to view and manage inventories via both mobile and desktop devices. This solution helps enterprises to optimise inventory levels by allowing inventory managers to track inventories on-the-go, with proactive alerting and integration with Teams, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and other enterprise resource planning solutions. Infosys Inventory Management Solution Solution spotlight

24 MARKETWATCH Energy-as-a-service provider AlphaStruxure – a joint venture between Carlyle and Schneider Electric – will finance, design, build and operate an integrated microgrid at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s New Terminal One (NTO) to provide sustainable, locally generated and cost-predictable energy. The 11.34-megawatt microgrid will reduce the terminal’s greenhouse gas emissions by 38 per cent and minimise pollutants, leading to cleaner air in surrounding communities. The microgrid will also enable the terminal to maintain airport operations during power disruptions. “Microgrids solve two of the most serious challenges – resilience and decarbonisation – with a single solution,” said Annette Clayton, CEO of Schneider Electric North America. “The NTO at JFK shows that Schneider Electric’s microgrid technology is ready to transform our nation’s most critical infrastructure.” Read more at: AlphaStruxure microgrid to provide sustainable energy for JFK’s New Terminal One Cybersecurity firm VIPRE Security Group is helping organisations to protect themselves against a growing number of cyberattacks by acknowledging that technology and people are equally important components in any security strategy. VIPRE’s SafeSend solution – a Microsoft Outlook add-in dedicated to preventing the misdelivery of emails – works alongside its cybersecurity awareness training programmes to help customers turn their employees into the first line of defence against cyberattacks and cybercriminals. VIPRE Security Group helps businesses improve cybersecurity with people-centric strategies DID YOU KNOW? It’s been 10 years since Microsoft launched

25 Security solution provider Armorblox is using deep learning and natural language understanding (NLU) to prevent data loss in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and other cloud email environments. The firms says customers can reduce the number of false positives by up to 10 times by using its data loss prevention solution, compared with others. Armorblox provides sensitive data encryption using a customer’s existing Microsoft 365 investments, and detection of tabular data and source codes across communications, paired with custom role-based access controls, to limit the financial impacts caused by targeted email attacks and malicious insider actors. NLU-based analysis of email content and attachments detects and safeguards critical business workflows, including invoices, payroll data, wire transfer requests, medical records and legal documents. Learn more at: Armorblox brings natural language understanding to data loss prevention Lightbeam Health Solutions has released a new tool, Radian, to help healthcare leaders with health equity initiatives. Using postal codes, Radian aggregates clinical and social data across more than 4,500 factors to provide information to better guide how to care for patients, and address the primary vulnerabilities in specific areas. Request a guided demonstration here: New health equity tool to support healthcare providers Photo: Lightbeam Health Solutions Cyberattacks on the finance industry are growing The financial services industry is one of the most attacked industries globally according to Akamai Technologies’ latest State of the Internet Research report. There has been an increase in a variety of attacks against financial services organisations including: 257% in web applications and application programming interface attacks 81% in bot activity 22% in distributed denial-of-service targets Find out why and read the full report by visiting

26 MARKETWATCH Synack has launched an application programming interface (API) penetration testing capability to provide coverage for headless API endpoints that are increasingly exposed to attackers. API abuse is now the most frequently exploited attack vector in data breaches involving enterprise web applications, according to Gartner. With the new capability, Synack is providing customers with the tools – as well as the expertise of its global community of security researchers – to address API-specific vulnerabilities across their environments. The firm provides customers with detailed proof-of-coverage reports so they can centralise their API documentation while staying one step ahead of threats. Learn more about API testing from Synack at: Synack delivers new API security capability Photo: Unsplash/Usman Yousaf Photo: iStock Marco VDM AVEVA is to transition to a subscription model for solutions across its portfolio to make it easier for customers to fulfil their business needs. AVEVA says its Flex subscription programme will revolutionise the way industrial software is purchased and consumed – and that it can help reduce upfront costs as much as 65 per cent, while enabling flexibility and scalability to respond to changing business needs, industry standards and regulatory requirements. Customers can trade in their existing perpetual licences for subscriptions spanning any mix of cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions across the design-operate-optimise industrial life cycle. New licences for major engineering and operations solutions in AVEVA’s software portfolio are now subscription only, and the company has set a target to transition 80 per cent of customer licences from perpetual to subscription models by 2025. Learn more: AVEVA moves to subscription model to drive industrial innovation

27 Microsoft and computing technology firm Nvidia have agreed a 10-year partnership that will bring Xbox PC games to Nvidia’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, allowing gamers to stream popular titles on PCs, smartphones and other devices. Users will also have access to Activision Blizzard PC games including Call of Duty on GeForce NOW. Microsoft Canada has partnered with women-led gaming platform Paidia to accelerate both brands’ commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion in gaming and e-sports. Microsoft expands gaming offerings with strategic partnerships Photo: Activison Blizzard Photo: Pexels/Rodna Prod Enterprise architecture firm Orbus Software has launched its new decision intelligence platform, OrbusInfinity. The platform provides users with insights into their technology environment, enabling them to align their IT strategy with business goals. As a central source of truth to facilitate decision-making, the platform offers a highly configurable data model to support a range of requirements and use cases, deep integration with Microsoft 365 and ServiceNow, and a variety of on-demand connectivity, content and insights. “Businesses lack the visibility needed to make and execute decisions around strategic transformation,” said Rupert Colbourne, chief technology officer of Orbus Software. “Our solution provides the transparency and insights that enable enterprises to restructure, reimagine, and re-engineer their technology and business capabilities, delivering a sustainable competitive advantage.” Orbus Software launches new decision intelligence platform Forcing people back to the office isn’t working, says Gamma The office has lost the battle for attendance, according to a new report by Gamma. The unified communication provider’s Office, What Office? Hybrid Working 2023: Evolution report, based on feedback from 100 customers, says that the challenge for organisations is to meet people where they are: “Hybrid working makes that possible. It offers employees flexibility to meet their personal needs and attend to their own values, while being their best working selves.” Download the report at

28 MARKETWATCH Check Point Software Technologies and Microsoft have integrated CloudGuard Network Security with Azure Virtual WAN. The integration centralises and simplifies security and operations for Azure and Check Point customers by enhancing the security of their Azure Virtual WAN environments. It can help users to migrate to Azure and secure traffic and workloads on new cloud infrastructure, implement a new Azure Virtual WAN architecture, and evaluate unified and consistent security management of Azure, multi-cloud, and/or hybrid-cloud deployments together with on-premises security. “Protecting your cloud infrastructure must be automated and operationally efficient to meet today’s business needs,” said TJ Gonen, vice president of cloud security at Check Point. “The focus on improving the cloud team’s daily operations is at the centre of Azure Virtual WAN, and Check Point is excited to partner with Microsoft to make cloud network security quick, easy, and intuitive.” Businesses are being bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of new and increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats every day. To protect themselves, they can partner with cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analysts who continuously collect, analyse, validate and disseminate live threat research to identify issues such as sensitive data leakage, brand impersonations, malicious mobile applications, fraudulent activities and more. CyberProof’s global CTI analysts use smart automation, threat actor and asset-based intelligence across clear, deep and dark web sources to continuously discover and alert enterprises of imminent threats. The team conducts regular threat profiling workshops so it can prioritise threat intelligence research in line with the changing attack surface. The team analyses and validates all threat data before escalating it to the client as CTI incidents via the CyberProof Defense Center platform. This platform provides a single view of enriched threat intelligence that comes with both contextual and actionable information, including a detailed description of the threat, MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques, and mitigation advice. Nethaniel Ribco is cyber threat intelligence team leader at CyberProof Check Point enhances protection for Azure Virtual WAN Viewpoint: Nethaniel Ribco, CyberProof How can threat intelligence minimise cyber risk? Photo: iStock/maxkabakov

29 Metrics from Tollring application Analytics 365 are providing insights on how Microsoft Teams users are collaborating with others. “Metrics such as meeting attendance, chat sentiment and out-of-hours working are emerging as useful indicators of unexpected changes in collaboration,” said Hilary Oliver, chief marketing and experience officer at Tollring. “This can help leaders to manage well-being. Also, activity profiles across messaging, meetings and Teams, coupled with a layer of intelligence, enable managers to assess business working practices across individual roles and teams. Analytics 365 is delivering visibility of communication habits and behaviours to help businesses make informed decisions.” Tollring metrics can help leaders manage well-being Cloud solution provider Synergy Technical is helping companies optimise their cloud environment for productivity and cost-savings goals with its Cloud Licensing Strategy Engagement, available to all Microsoft customers. “Our customers have been focused on cost-savings initiatives by using a predominantly cloud-first strategy for several years,” said Rohana Meade, president and CEO of Synergy Technical. “We knew we could help companies right-size their technology investments to meet cost savings initiatives by helping them understand the value of Microsoft 365, while reducing their spend on other redundant technologies.” ReliaQuest launches GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer Security technology provider ReliaQuest has added a new Phishing Analyzer capability to its security operations platform, GreyMatter. The capability helps security teams reduce the risk of phishing attacks by automating the abuse mailbox management process including analysing suspicious emails, taking remediation action, and sending follow-up notifications to reporters. It can also reduce the burnout and fatigue that hypervigilance of threats can cause in security team members. “Security operations teams spend a lot of time on low-brain, high-time activities such as manually reviewing their abuse/phishing inboxes,” said Brian Foster, chief product officer at ReliaQuest. “The goal of GreyMatter’s Phishing Analyzer is to significantly reduce that time. This enables the security operations centre to reduce risk faster and also frees up their team to focus on other impactful things.” User reports email Response sent back to end-user Benign Malicious Phishing Analyzer processes email Investigate and remediate Decision/Outcome Synergy Technical helps firms to increase productivity and reduce costs

30 MARKETWATCH Cybersecurity firm Open Systems has committed to delivering greater managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities to its customers through its new Ontinue division. Ontinue uses artificial intelligence, automation, human expertise and the Microsoft security platform to continuously assess and protect an organisation’s environment, while advancing its security posture to deal with accelerating digital transformation. Ontinue’s newly launched service Ontinue ION enables faster detection and response, a deeper understanding of a customer’s environment and the ability to maximise current Microsoft environments – to give customers more proactive threat protection and greater efficiency. Open Systems boosts MDR market with launch of Ontinue Middle market businesses ‘going along’ with remote working Malware threat analysis provider VMRay has realigned its product portfolio to better support customer requirements. Its new suite consists of three solutions, with features, functionality and pricing options optimised for different customer needs. DeepRESPONSE is designed to meet the needs of security operations centre analysts that require low volume, manual sample submission of malware and phishing threats with emphasis on granular, detailed reporting. FinalVERDICT is intended for large enterprises that want to automate the triage of malware-related alerts to definitively identify suspicious alerts as malicious or benign. FinalVERDICT aims to help users reduce detection-and-response false positives, with seamless integration into other industry leading security platforms. TotalInsight is focused on government and private sector organisations that want both manual and automated malware and phishing analysis at scale. It also helps users to curate their own threat intelligence to better defend against targeted and industry-specific threats. Find out more at: VMRay launches new malware threat analysis portfolio Middle market businesses in the US are ‘going along’ remote working in order to attract and retain employees, according to the latest RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey of over 400 senior business leaders. Among US middle market businesses: 33% of executives have employees working remotely since the Covid-19 pandemic, who were not doing so before 39% said remote or hybrid work had a positive impact on business culture 52% are sourcing talent for work that can be done remotely from a broader geographical area than before Covid-19 69% said remote and hybrid work had impeded employee training and development 73% said workers were feeling isolated “American workers experienced profound shocks during the pandemic, and that altered their preferences and behaviour,” said Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM US. “As a result, firms are choosing to accommodate employees in order to retain their workers and recruit new ones. It’s clear that if middle market firms want to remain competitive, they will have to make concessions and adjustments that only five years ago would have been hard to imagine.” Photo: iStock/NicoElNino

31 VIEWPOINT The first step is done – a Microsoft technology product has been selected – now it’s time to find the right partner that knows the ins and outs of Microsoft technology. A quick search shows hundreds of results, so in this congested arena, how do enterprises choose? Here are 10 questions that I think should form the basis of their decision-making process. 1. What does the partner have in terms of industry experience? The first port of call is to find a Microsoft partner with vast experience operating within your industry and that understands the business processes, and pitfalls, within that space. 2. Does the partner have experience across the Microsoft stack? One of the values of Microsoft is ecosystem cohesion. In your longterm vision, what technologies need to work together? Does your partner support that complete vision or just a part? 3. Does Microsoft trust them? Microsoft has official designations for trusted partners, and they are based on expertise within certain products and workloads. 4. What’s their project management? Find a Microsoft partner with a detailed and successful project methodology. Agile, Prosci and Scrum methodologies are some proven methodologies that some successful Microsoft partners operate with. 5. Where are their resources? Identify if they have team members spread throughout the globe and think about possible time differences that determine operating hours, response times and costs. 6. What’s their plan for user adoption? Even the best project is worthless if your team doesn’t adopt the solution. The right partners set an adoption plan with continued support even after implementation. 7. Do they have a successful track record? A major predictor of future success is past performance. If you find a partner with deep experience, their consultants are more likely to listen to your goals to craft the best solution. 8. How do they keep your data secure? A responsible partner goes to great lengths to ensure no security breaches or threats arise when dealing with, migrating, or organising business data. 9. How effectively do they communicate? Find out partners average response times, how often they will have meetings with you, and through what avenues will they communicate. 10. Are their goals aligned with your business outcomes? The best partners are business outcome focused. This means the partner is focused on business goals first, then the technology to get there. Moriah Spainhower is a marketing communications specialist for JourneyTEAM Key considerations for enterprises should include trustworthiness, past performance and effective communication Ten things to consider when selecting a Microsoft partner MORIAH SPAINHOWER: JOURNEYTEAM

32 MARKETWATCH Hybrid work is here to stay, according to a new report, titled Workplace of the Future. The report, by audio and video solution provider EPOS and consumer trends agency Foresight Factory, explores how business leaders can define a hybrid strategy that will be effective in the long term, and considers current and emerging trends set to shape the future of work. It also identifies several key themes that can help business leaders deliver a positive hybrid solution for their workforce. Over half (53 per cent) of employees are now, since the pandemic, more likely to put their well-being first, according to the Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index. As a result, workers expect more from their employers in this area. Over a third (38 per cent) are calling for their employers to support staff by allowing them time off for mental health needs. A further 30 per cent say they want to see businesses dedicating hours for employees to use for mental and physical wellbeing pursuits. Another key theme highlighted in the report is the pursuit of happiness. Employee burnout is a persistent issue and 36 per cent of respondents say they have suffered burnout in the last 12 months from working too hard. Less than half of workers (43 per cent) are happy with their current work-life balance, and almost a third (30 per cent) said they intend to change careers to improve their overall happiness. Despite the popularity of remote working, the report also identified the need for a physical office. Employees want to avoid feeling isolated and want to see businesses offering both physical and virtual opportunities A new report highlights key themes that can help business leaders to deliver positive hybrid working solutions for their workforces Hybrid work is here to stay of employees said they have suffered burnout in the last 12 months from ‘working too hard’ 36% of employees said they have taken a career break due to burnout 53% believe good audio will prevent moments of stress at work 56%