Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

64 With a complex and business-critical cloud migration planned, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) needed a solution to monitor its digital environment for potential cyber threats. The shipping company wanted to build a long-term partnership with an experienced managed detection and response (MDR) provider. The purpose of its planned cloud migration to Microsoft Azure was to achieve a more centralised IT approach for both its primary and regional offices, many of which are small maritime centres. BSM had several criteria for its ideal partner, relating to technical expertise, their approach to threat detection and depth of experience. BSM recognised the value of Kroll Responder MDR in improving visibility across its infrastructure and the impact that the service would have in driving a reduction in the average time to detect and respond to threats. Kroll’s global security operations centre (SOC) professionals operate as a virtual extension of the BSM team, providing the high-quality insight and mitigation guidance its IT team needs to respond to incidents whenever they arise. “The human factor is something I’m always looking for,” said Petros Andreou, head of IT at BSM. “I don’t want to talk with bots, I want to talk with people. This personal approach is something I noticed from my first engagement with Kroll and it is still true today.” To further enhance BSM’s security, Kroll conducts managed vulnerability scanning and accredited penetration testing, which helps identify and address vulnerabilities across its global infrastructure. As a result of working with Kroll, the shipping company has vastly improved its cyber resilience in multiple ways. It has enhanced threat visibility across its global network of offices, ships and public cloud environments. Kroll’s technology-agnostic approach, deep integration with vendors such as Microsoft, and its security experts have helped BSM to migrate from a legacy security information and event management system to cloud-native security monitoring with Microsoft Sentinel. Kroll swiftly identifies and helps the Risk advisory firm Kroll helped BSM to improve cyber resilience during its Microsoft Azure migration through better threat detection and response strategies CASE STUDY: BERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMANAGEMENT Steadying the ship