Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

63 “Cybercriminals are constantly adapting their behaviour to increase the complexity of their operations, and bad threat actors are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks. Events like the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid proliferation of internet-facing devices have increased the potential for digital insecurity. The use of sandbox technology in a security operations centre can provide a critical layer of defence for organisations to identify and respond to these threats. VMRay integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint allows organisations to automate and identify new, unknown and potentially harmful malware and phishing threats in a controlled environment, helping to enhance their overall security posture and fend-off digital intrusion.” “The increasing popularity of Microsoft Office 365 makes it a lucrative focus for cybercriminals, with email-enabled attacks being responsible for some of the largest and most damaging security breaches. Microsoft offers enhanced email security tools within upgraded packages for Office 365. By working with a security solutions provider such as VIPRE and its Advanced Threat Protection, email security can be strengthened. Investing in a layered defence is crucial when implementing defensive measures and endpoint security coupled with advanced email security and user protection solutions will protect you and your organisation from multiple types of malicious threats.” Oliver Paterson Product Director, VIPRE Security Group “CyberProof attained an advanced specialisation in both threat protection and cloud security from Microsoft. This designation in a particular technology area is no small task, and to attain two of them in the security area separates CyberProof from all but a few other Microsoft partners. Moreover, as a Microsoft Azure Data Explorer (ADX) partner, CyberProof dramatically reduces data ingestion and storage costs by leveraging the power of ADX, together with the CyberProof Log Collector, to help our clients maintain an effective cybersecurity perimeter while staying within budget. In fact, the team at CyberProof has experience in reducing the ingestion and storage costs of one of the biggest Azure security stacks in the world. Long-term retention of logs, and the processing of custom collected logs moves over to ADX, so clients can manage the massive data quantities at radically lower costs.” Yuval Wollman President, Cyberproof Carsten Williems CEO, VMRay