Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

65 IT team respond when threats arise, from phishing attempts that are prevented by a secure email gateway to stopping fully-fledged ransomware attacks before detonation. Kroll uses the latest threat intelligence from over 3,000 of its frontline incident investigations a year to detect current and emerging threats and constantly tunes the underlying technology – included as part of Kroll Responder – to reduce false positives. BSM can also quickly respond to incidents and significantly reduce the possibility of an attack using automated playbooks and actionable mitigation guidance from Kroll. Incident information is shared securely via Kroll’s Redscan threat management platform, while the firm’s SOC teams thoroughly analyse and investigate every security alert received. If the alert is deemed to be a genuine incident, Kroll uses the Redscan threat management platform to notify BSM, relay the incident’s priority level and supply the information needed to assist remediation. In addition, BSM has improved vulnerability management via Kroll’s broader portfolio of solutions and support. These include advisory and consultancy services for chief information security officers and data protection officers, as well as incident response threat simulations to identify and help address hidden vulnerabilities across the company’s infrastructure. “From the monthly service reports to personal engagement from both technical and managerial teams, it is this collaboration that allows the tripartite relationship between BSM, Microsoft and Kroll to work so seamlessly and be aligned for the future evolution of the security market and threat landscape,” said Marc Brawner, head of managed services at Kroll. Working with Kroll has provided BSM with greater visibility across its global network of offices and ships to better detect and respond to threats. Teams within Kroll help BSM to navigate and deploy appropriate security controls and processes. These include those related to its Microsoft Security strategy, continuously monitoring systems using Kroll Responder MDR, and ultimately building a more effective and resilient IT infrastructure while meeting compliance obligations. Explore the extensive capabilities of Kroll Responder MDR for Microsoft: “ The personal approach is something I noticed from my first engagement with Kroll and it is still true today” PETROS ANDREOU, BSM