Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

174 FEATURE “Businesses in the retail sector are relying on Microsoft Teams, which offers rich multimedia collaboration experiences that allow hybrid and remote teams to work effectively with their customers, global suppliers and their colleagues. Teams underpins their operations, but without the ability to understand or measure the productivity, job satisfaction and collaboration of their people, how can they be sure everyone is working at their best? We developed Analytics 365 to give retailers greater insight into the well-being and effectiveness of their people. The app presents Microsoft Teams analytics on simple dashboards, giving managers visibility of internal and external engagement, collaboration networks and an understanding of their own management style and how it supports their team.” Hilary Oliver Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Tollring “Zebra has joined forces with Microsoft to provide frontline workers with modern, streamlined communication and collaboration experiences. Together, we’re helping retailers retain and engage their frontline workers with connected scheduling solutions that result in lower human resources costs, happier workers and an improved customer experience. We’re also powering seamless communication that connects frontline workers with colleagues, headquarters and customers by leveraging Zebra-hardened devices and Teams Walkie Talkie capabilities. Our solutions provide a unified experience that's both simple for employees to learn, and easy for IT to manage.” “Leading retailers are prioritising technologies that make the employee experience simple, powerful and effective. Many times, the quickest and biggest gains can be achieved by evolving the systems employees use every day. UKG used its highly extensible FleX platform to collaborate with Microsoft and develop a single, seamless interface for UKG Workforce Management within Microsoft Teams. Organisations can now empower their people to view and accept open shifts, request time off, clock in and out, and more from Teams – all within the flow of daily communication and work. This frees up frontline employees to focus on what matters most: the customer experience.” Photo: Pexels/ Tim Douglas Rob Armstrong Chief Marketing Officer, Zebra Technologies Robert Klitsch Industry Principal and Marketing Director, UKG