Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

27 Microsoft and computing technology firm Nvidia have agreed a 10-year partnership that will bring Xbox PC games to Nvidia’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, allowing gamers to stream popular titles on PCs, smartphones and other devices. Users will also have access to Activision Blizzard PC games including Call of Duty on GeForce NOW. Microsoft Canada has partnered with women-led gaming platform Paidia to accelerate both brands’ commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion in gaming and e-sports. Microsoft expands gaming offerings with strategic partnerships Photo: Activison Blizzard Photo: Pexels/Rodna Prod Enterprise architecture firm Orbus Software has launched its new decision intelligence platform, OrbusInfinity. The platform provides users with insights into their technology environment, enabling them to align their IT strategy with business goals. As a central source of truth to facilitate decision-making, the platform offers a highly configurable data model to support a range of requirements and use cases, deep integration with Microsoft 365 and ServiceNow, and a variety of on-demand connectivity, content and insights. “Businesses lack the visibility needed to make and execute decisions around strategic transformation,” said Rupert Colbourne, chief technology officer of Orbus Software. “Our solution provides the transparency and insights that enable enterprises to restructure, reimagine, and re-engineer their technology and business capabilities, delivering a sustainable competitive advantage.” Orbus Software launches new decision intelligence platform Forcing people back to the office isn’t working, says Gamma The office has lost the battle for attendance, according to a new report by Gamma. The unified communication provider’s Office, What Office? Hybrid Working 2023: Evolution report, based on feedback from 100 customers, says that the challenge for organisations is to meet people where they are: “Hybrid working makes that possible. It offers employees flexibility to meet their personal needs and attend to their own values, while being their best working selves.” Download the report at