Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

88 “If you want to bake a tasty cupcake you need to add all the right ingredients, and it’s clear that if we take all the ingredients Anywhere365 provides and mix them with ACS, we’ll be able to produce the best CX cupcake,” he says. “Anywhere365 is a valuable partner that has been collaborating with Microsoft on its unified communications journey since the very beginning, all the way from Skype to Teams and now ACS. It’s one of the best ISVs in the class, primarily because its solutions are already natively integrated with the Microsoft technology stack and can be labelled as co-sell ready by Microsoft.” Dehing adds that Anywhere365’s acquisition of IoT communications platform IQ Messenger and its extensive ecosystem of partners that are reselling its solution to hundreds of businesses worldwide are also key benefits. “All of these factors put Anywhere365 in an ideal position to use ACS to work with Microsoft to successfully develop the machineto-machine, machine-to-human, and humanto-human communication experiences that will help us win in the CX battleground.” Lendfers is equally confident in the power of Anywhere365’s partnership with Microsoft. “By combining our technologies and expertise, Anywhere365 and Microsoft can empower enterprises to take communication to the next level, for both their employees and their customers.” INTERVIEW “ Anywhere365 is one of the best ISVs in the ACS class” ROY DEHING, MICROSOFT Photo: iStock/oatawa