Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

87 solutions that work for everyone, regardless of whether they are a Teams user.” Anywhere365 is already adapting its Dialogue Cloud platform so it can work flexibly with both Teams and ACS. According to a recent Gartner report, Anywhere365 is a first mover towards the newly developed Power integration model that will help Microsoft ISVs to build solutions in the Microsoft Azure cloud. “We’re developing the back end of the platform so that it can easily be switched to either Teams or ACS depending on the customer’s preference or specific business requirements,” explains Lendfers. “Initially, we plan to launch the platform in the North America region by summer 2023 and will add new functionalities over time as we introduce it into the rest of the world. This will ensure we can develop new communication experiences that will keep pace with changing customer experience expectations.” The new Dialogue Cloud platform will make it easier for companies to intuitively engage with customers and quickly provide the help they need in the way that is most convenient for them. “Integrating technologies such as AI and ML will enable customers to use self-service options, such as online chat, and easily escalate them to an audio or video call with a human agent if necessary,” says Lendfers. “In addition, we can use these same technologies to vastly improve the agent experience by continually analysing conversations and customer sentiment to provide them with detailed contextual information and recommended responses in real time. This allows them to complete interactions quickly, and with the highest possible success rate, every single time, thereby significantly improving both the employee and end user experience.” According to Dehing, Anywhere365’s creative approach to developing innovative new use case is just one of a myriad of factors making it a front runner in the CX space. “Together, Anywhere365 and Microsoft can empower enterprises to take communication to the next level” RUUD LENDFERS, ANYWHERE365