Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

29 Metrics from Tollring application Analytics 365 are providing insights on how Microsoft Teams users are collaborating with others. “Metrics such as meeting attendance, chat sentiment and out-of-hours working are emerging as useful indicators of unexpected changes in collaboration,” said Hilary Oliver, chief marketing and experience officer at Tollring. “This can help leaders to manage well-being. Also, activity profiles across messaging, meetings and Teams, coupled with a layer of intelligence, enable managers to assess business working practices across individual roles and teams. Analytics 365 is delivering visibility of communication habits and behaviours to help businesses make informed decisions.” Tollring metrics can help leaders manage well-being Cloud solution provider Synergy Technical is helping companies optimise their cloud environment for productivity and cost-savings goals with its Cloud Licensing Strategy Engagement, available to all Microsoft customers. “Our customers have been focused on cost-savings initiatives by using a predominantly cloud-first strategy for several years,” said Rohana Meade, president and CEO of Synergy Technical. “We knew we could help companies right-size their technology investments to meet cost savings initiatives by helping them understand the value of Microsoft 365, while reducing their spend on other redundant technologies.” ReliaQuest launches GreyMatter Phishing Analyzer Security technology provider ReliaQuest has added a new Phishing Analyzer capability to its security operations platform, GreyMatter. The capability helps security teams reduce the risk of phishing attacks by automating the abuse mailbox management process including analysing suspicious emails, taking remediation action, and sending follow-up notifications to reporters. It can also reduce the burnout and fatigue that hypervigilance of threats can cause in security team members. “Security operations teams spend a lot of time on low-brain, high-time activities such as manually reviewing their abuse/phishing inboxes,” said Brian Foster, chief product officer at ReliaQuest. “The goal of GreyMatter’s Phishing Analyzer is to significantly reduce that time. This enables the security operations centre to reduce risk faster and also frees up their team to focus on other impactful things.” User reports email Response sent back to end-user Benign Malicious Phishing Analyzer processes email Investigate and remediate Decision/Outcome Synergy Technical helps firms to increase productivity and reduce costs