Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

60 COVER STORY “The Microsoft security stack – including the Microsoft Defender suite and Microsoft Sentinel – provides a powerful multi-cloud, multi-device security control plane that allows organisations to standardise and simplify controls in their environments. By coupling this control plane with a powerful Microsoftfocused managed extended detection and response solution, like Ontinue ION, our customers can realise the full potential of their Microsoft security investments, allowing them to do more with less. For instance, ION delivers intelligent automation workflows for incident triage, investigation and response, all using the Microsoft control plane. ION also makes extensive use of Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration and communication, a key element in accelerating detection, and especially response, during an incident.” Daniel Morris Cloud Security Architect, Ontinue Photo composite: Unsplash/Open Systems George Daglas Chief of Strategy and Customer Success, Obrela Security Industries “Microsoft partners can now expand their service offerings with Obrela's managed detection and response (MDR) service, which is an ideal fit for organisations using Microsoft Azure, migrating to Azure, adopting Microsoft 365 E5, or already deployed or planning to deploy Sentinel. Obrela's platform is natively integrated with Azure Lighthouse and Azure Sentinel, providing secure cross-tenancy management of Azure services, enabling greater efficiency and faster deployment. By incorporating Obrela's MDR service, Microsoft partners can deliver more comprehensive security solutions, complementing their existing service offerings, and providing their clients with an enhanced level of protection against cyberthreats.”