Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

“Microsoft shares threat intelligence with Terranova Security on an ongoing basis based on what it sees in Microsoft Defender and Microsoft tenants as the latest and most popular phishing attacks. We use this intelligence to create new training and phishing simulations every month. This partnership aligns with our mission of building security aware corporate cultures. The best way to do this is with a dual focus on security awareness training and real-world phishing and training simulations. This helps reinforce new response patterns and establish a security aware mindset. And this is exactly what the Terranova Security content library, simulations, gamified training and learning catalogue achieves.” Theo Zafirakos CISO, Professional Services Lead, Fortra’s Terranova Security “Kroll Responder MDR enables organisations to unlock the full potential of the Microsoft Sentinel and Defender suite. By applying frontline threat intelligence into our detections in near-real time from thousands of cyber incidents, we conduct deeper and more effective threat hunting across organisations’ entire IT estates. As well as our security operations centre analysts and engineers, our managed detection and response (MDR) service brings in digital forensics and incident response experts to enable what we call ‘complete response’. We leverage the Microsoft toolset alongside our own forensic tools to go beyond containment, quickly understand the root cause and remotely remediate the threat across all affected systems.” Marc Brawner Global Head of Managed Services, Kroll Photo: iStock/KanawatTH 59