Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

132 “Get a bird’s eye view, and then zoom in. Cloud services provide engineering and management with a way to gather historical and real-time manufacturing data from across the enterprise, and then put it to use. The more accurate and timely the data, the better the vision and the more useful the results. Businesses using Skkynet middleware running on Microsoft Azure can virtually mirror any plant data on the cloud in real time. A live data set fully consistent with operations allows users to drive analytics, digital twin and artificial intelligence capabilities securely and accurately.” Xavier Mesrobian Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Skkynet Cloud Systems “Our intelligent decisioning platform OrbusInfinity surfaces actionable insights through Microsoft Cloud apps such as SharePoint, Teams and Power BI to accelerate digital transformation decisions. OrbusInfinity provides an enterprise blueprint for how a manufacturer operates and delivers value to its stakeholders. It has native interoperability with common Microsoft Cloud apps and, through these, enables multiple teams across business and IT to collaborate. They can then publish critical insights that allow leadership to make strategic decisions which achieve the manufacturer’s digital transformation goals, such as digitally empowering the workforce, operating safe and agile factories, creating more resilient supply chains, and unlocking innovation and new services.” Tim Mitchell Chief Evangelist, Orbus Software Photo: Unsplash/Lenny Kuhne FEATURE