Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are building on Microsoft Azure and its capabilities to transform workflows within the media industry Partner perspectives Eric Gallier Vice President, Video Solutions, Harmonic Jean-Louis Lods Vice President Media and Monetisation, Ateme “An ever-expanding catalogue of content fuelled by a plethora of videoon-demand services and rapidly growing FAST (free ad-supported TV) means more and more content needs to be transcoded. FAST allows content owners to monetise their back catalogue and make it accessible to consumers, driving new revenue streams. The challenge: you need to prepare the content. Ateme’s TITAN File is engineered for Microsoft Azure allowing for hyper-scale, rapid delivery with distributed transcoding technology in resolutions up to 8K. It manages both the daily workload and peak volumes efficiently, underpinned by Ateme’s leadership of a sustainable future in the streaming industry.” Olga Kornienko COO and Co-Founder of EZDRM “Harmonic’s VOS360 Video cloud native software-as-a-serice solution has been serving the media and entertainment market for several years. VOS360 is used by tier one content providers for their video workflows from playout to video on demand. It has enabled live streaming of the most premium sport events like the FIFA World Cup or the English Premier League. VOS360 is deployed in several Azure regions and makes extensive use of geo-redundancy, Azure security, optimised connections with public content delivery networks to name a few. Azure gives us the cloud infrastructure that we need to scale streaming to millions of viewers and guarantee uptime for our most demanding media customers.” 149 “Without rigorous attention to security, the video services industry’s transition to an over-the-top delivery model, now an almost inevitable outcome of market forces, would rest on creaky foundations. Specialist video security services providers, such as EZDRM, now leverage the most advanced options in microservices implementation within the Azure cloud. The foundations of Azure provide both the scalability and resilience necessary to underpin the world's video information and entertainment services with protection of their business streams. Building on more than 20 years of experience, the cloud approach enables EZDRM to evolve its offerings as rapidly as the global aspirations of the service operators.”