Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

55 We asked Microsoft partners about their views on the cybersecurity landscape and their work to prevent digital intrusion and protect customers Partner perspectives “The growing cyber threat environment requires companies to take steps to increase cyber resilience. Governments are also working to enhance resilience and increase the cybersecurity requirements to which public sector organisations and enterprises must adhere. European Union legislation will strengthen cybersecurity risk and incident management obligations for sectors that are considered critical for the economy and society. This includes organisations operating in energy, healthcare, financial services and digital infrastructure. These entities will be subject to more stringent supervisory measures and enforcement requirements, and their top management will be held accountable for non-compliance with cybersecurity obligations. In the wake of the increasing cyber threat environment and evolving regulatory environment, intra-sector collaboration and sharing of threat information and cybersecurity best practices is even more important to reduce risks.” Lauren Van Wazer Global Vice President of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Akamai “archTIS is proud to partner with Microsoft and MISA to offer a vetted integrated solution to protect sensitive data across Microsoft 365 applications. NC Protect provides unique and valuable data-centric security capabilities that are made possible by the product’s tight integration with Microsoft Purview Information Protection, Azure Active Directory and Azure Sentinel to enhance information access and protection. Together, our technologies offer joint customers a robust, dynamic solution for tacking sensitive data access and handling requirements to meet government, defence and enterprise collaboration needs.” Kurt Mueffelmann Global COO and US President, archTIS COVER STORY Photo: iStock/gorodenkoff