Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

52 COVER STORY importance of getting our identity basics right and keeping our eyes on the ball.” Starting simple is key, for example by regularly reviewing and strengthening access controls. “We must fight this threat together through both public and private partnerships,” says Amy HoganBurney, general manager of Microsoft’s digital crimes unit, in the report. “We hope that by sharing what we have learned over the past 10 years, we will help others understand and consider the proactive measures they can take to protect themselves and the wider ecosystem against the continually growing threat of cybercrime.” A security ecosystem The Microsoft Intelligence Security Association (MISA), established in 2018, encourages collaboration and provides its members – independent software vendors and managed security service providers – with a new way to grow and benefit from each other. These members – which include Akamai Technologies, archTIS, Armorblox, Check Point Software Technologies, CyberProof, Entrust, Kroll, Obrela Security Industries, Ontinue, ReliaQuest, Synack and VMRay – have integrated their solutions with Microsoft security technology to help organisations defend themselves against increasingly complex cyber threats. “MISA is an association of what we call our most strategic Microsoft Security partners,” says Maria Thomson, MISA lead, on an episode of the Microsoft Security Insights Show. “It’s about working with these partners who are building and integrating solutions and services with our security technology to help make the world a safer place for all of our customers.” The increased attack surface Change in the cybersecurity landscape has happened alongside drastic digital changes in recent times, though the two have not necessarily intersected to enable organisations to keep up. Remote working accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and rapid adoption of internet-facing devices that have facilitated digital transformation have increased the attack surface of the digital world. “Threat actors are exploiting these devices to establish access on networks and enable lateral “ We live in an era where security is a key enabler of technological success” BRET ARSENAULT, MICROSOFT