Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

34 MARKETWATCH Upland Software podcast highlights contact centre customer service Upland Software highlights how businesses can personalise their contact centre experience to enhance customer service and provide a better customer and agent experience in a new episode of its ‘Connected Knowledge’ podcast. Denis Francoeur, senior product manager of InGenius products at Upland Software, is the guest on this podcast episode and discusses the evolution of contact centres, how expectations have changed for agents and customers alike, and how personalisation is a game changer for customer experience and satisfaction. “InGenius connects to popular phone and customer relationship management systems to capture data on agent activities so that contact centres can make better decisions and improve their training and customer experiences,” said Francoeur. Listen to the full episode at: Product spotlight: DataHub Smart MQTT Broker “Using MQTT for an operational technologyto-IT or industrial internet of things scenario goes far beyond connecting field devices to a cloud server,” said Xavier Mesrobian, vice president of sales and marketing at Skkynet Cloud Systems. “System integrators need to aggregate, standardise and secure MQTT data, often connecting across DMZs.” The DataHub Smart MQTT Broker provides these abilities by parsing messages, supporting multiple simultaneous JSON formats, which uses human-readable text to store and transmit data, and fully integrating the Sparkplug specification. It also connects MQTT clients to common industrial protocols like OPC, Modbus, ODBC and more. New security partnership focuses on awareness Fortra’s Terranova Security has partnered with Elevate Security to provide users with enhanced security awareness programmes that are customised according to their risk levels. Terranova Security aims to transform end user behaviour, reduce cyber risk and keep sensitive information out of the hands of hackers. Elevate Security identifies and responds proactively to the highest-risk users within organisations and provides security teams with risk scoring to detect the most likely source of a security incident and prevent it before it starts. “Microsoft Defender for Office 365 has partnered with Fortra’s Terranova Security for years now to provide worldclass end user phishing awareness and security training to Microsoft customers,” said Brandon Koeller, principal product manager lead at Microsoft. Photo: Unsplash/Campaign Creators