Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

138 Tom Nall, Michael Schleuss and Marko Weisse discuss Avanade’s smart digital manufacturing offering and how it combines technology and expertise to deliver true transformation to customers Smart digital manufacturing – it’s a phrase that conjures up images of high-tech machinery and high-performance computers analysing streams of data. “Smart digital manufacturing is about leveraging digital technologies across the entire value chain of a business to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and boost competitive advantage,” says Tom Nall, global manufacturing and automotive lead at Avanade. “Looking across the industry though, many organisations haven’t yet fully embraced digital in their entire set of operations. We can help businesses find the right place for them to start using digital technologies to improve business performance and reach their goals.” Avanade has become a leader in this area, helping its customers to understand and implement solutions that deliver true end-to-end transformation. It does this in three key areas: transforming operations; enhancing experiences for employees, customers and partners; and enabling innovation at scale. “We’re in a new era of technologies that have tremendous opportunity to deliver significant and rapid business performance enhancements,” says Nall. According to Marko Weisse, senior director of Industry X at Avanade, manufacturers need this level of transformation to remain competitive in the market. “You have to create products that meet consumer expectations and implement change at a faster pace,” he says. “Efficiency and sustainability are also key drivers of transformation. Businesses want to improve from BY ELLY YATES-ROBERTS “ We go to clients and help them identify where they can improve” MARKO WEISSE, AVANADE INTERVIEW The best of both worlds