Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

15 RETAIL & CG 166 Fighting for the frontline workers Microsoft’s Anya Minbiole explains how equipping frontline workers with tools to communicate, collaborate and streamline tasks can transform retail experiences 175 Scaling back licensed technology with Microsoft 365 F3 can save businesses money and improve access to the cloud, says Don Lewis of Synergy Technical 176 RSM helped Tillamook County Creamery Association to implement a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system to meet increased consumer demand 178 B2B commerce platforms can be as simple as online shopping. Cavallo’s Matt Abbott explains how great buying experiences don’t need to be solely for consumers 156 The road to recovery Microsoft’s chief medical officer David Rhew discusses the important role of data and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare in addressing the industry’s challenges 162 Lightbeam Health Solutions’ Kent Locklear reveals how data management and analytics can reduce burnout and improve patient care 164 Microsoft’s Sally Ann Frank highlights start-ups that are using AI to improve diagnoses, manage patient care and free up clinicians HEALTHCARE 150 François Guilleautot of Ateme highlights why media and telecommunications firms need an integrated solution 152 Implementing Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams can help businesses address the challenges of the 2020s, says Gamma’s Chris Wade 154 Kollective’s Garret Gladden explains the value of an enterprise content delivery network that uses machine learning