Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

13 86 Microsoft’s Roy Dehing and Anywhere365’s Ruud Lendfers explain how they are delivering transformative enterprise communications 89 Oliver Paterson discusses how VIPRE’s solutions are helping enterprises to make Microsoft Office more secure 90 Orbus Software’s Tim Mitchell provides three top tips for how businesses can become market leaders 92 Crestron’s Sam Kennedy explains why technology is key to engaging everyone in a hybrid workplace 94 Pragya Malhotra shares how isolved’s Microsoft Azure-based HR solutions can improve employee and customer experiences 96 Microsoft and Infosys are working together to safeguard enterprises against rapidly evolving digital threats. Bineesh Babukuttan explains 98 Interactive education can help build a securityaware organisational culture. Fortra’s Theo Zafirakos shares more 1 00 Businesses must follow zero-trust principles to survive the evolving threat landscape, says Entrust’s Rohan Ramesh 1 02 A ndrew Lorraine of shares how organisations can empower mobile workers to withstand future business challenges 1 04 C PQ and document automation solutions give employees the information to do their jobs more confidently and effectively, says Experlogix’s Bryant Harland 1 07 Guy Tallent discusses how Kyndryl can help businesses manage disruptive acquisition and merger transactions 1 08 M artin Bodley of Bose Professional highlights the ways that AI can improve the effectiveness of workplace conferencing 1 10 Tollring’s Hilary OIiver discusses how collaboration analytics can help managers make more informed decisions 111 Reconfigured offices will create more inclusive, flexible and productive workplaces, says Jabra’s Nigel Dunn 112 Susan Terry of Avaya says a combination of three key factors are necessary to provide a foundation for customer satisfaction 114 Caryn Sklar discusses how Capgemini helps customers meet ESG challenges with Orbus Software’s enterprise architecture platform 116 J abra’s Aurangzeb Khan discusses how businesses can deliver the best possible hybrid meetings CONTENTS FEATURED PARTNERS 179 A selection of Microsoft partners operating across all business sectors 188 THE LAST WORD Executive Networks’ Jeanne Meister shares why businesses should rethink the role of the office to prioritise their employees