Technology Record - Issue 28: Spring 2023

67 add more professional rigour and proficiency to detecting and responding to cyberthreats; create a 24/7 professional security operations centre (SOC); and strive for actionable threat intelligence so the Franke team could act quickly on potential threats. However, Andreu knew building an SOC competency internally would be much more challenging – and costly. Franke was already a customer of Ontinue’s parent company, Open Systems, using its SASE solution for cloud-based secure access service edge (SASE) capabilities to protect its network. Andreu believed that adding Ontinue for MDR would provide added benefits as it could leverage the existing infrastructure and integrate seamlessly. “We saw that there were very good synergies for us to have the MDR and SASE services under the same service provider,” he says. “This was fundamental for us.” Franke’s existing ecosystem is based on Microsoft technology. “It was extremely important that there was a close partnership between our MDR service and Microsoft – and Ontinue provided the Microsoft know-how,” says Andreu. “Franke is a Microsoft shop and Ontinue has deep expertise with Microsoft. We now get more value from the Microsoft tools we have in place.” The combination of Franke’s existing infrastructure combined with Microsoft security technology allows the Ontinue SOC to provide alerts and qualified outcomes. Franke gets actionable feedback that its team can ingest into its processes and procedures, improving the risk posture over time. Franke’s security specialists can then focus on protecting their business, users, and applications. “With Ontinue, we are now better equipped to respond to incidents in a systematic, consistent and professional manner,” says Andreu. Time is a critical factor when responding to a cyberthreat, and Andreu noted how working with Ontinue has enabled Franke to increase the speed of response to threats significantly. “Franke has established best-in-class and faster incident response because they’ve connected the managed service to the individuals who are responsible for responding to the incidents,” he says. “Ontinue has delivered on its promise and has helped us to remain agile and enhance our existing protection against key risks.” The result? Andreu says the organisation has greatly improved its security posture. “I can say I sleep better at night,” he says. “Today, we have a more professional service, with 24/7 support and faster decision-making thanks to the threat intelligence we are getting from Ontinue.” While it was important that the chosen vendor could solve Franke’s problems, Andreu also wanted to work with a partner that could take a collaborative approach. Reflecting on the partnership, he highlights the value of the open discussions that occurred between the two companies and praised the learning mindset that everyone demonstrated throughout the process. “We both want to improve and make the service better,” says Andreu. “There’s a spirit of partnership and collaboration that we highly appreciate.” “If you want to work with a partner, instead of just a vendor, and if you want to build collaboration, a fast MDR service, you can’t go wrong by working with Ontinue. I would strongly recommend them.” “ Ontinue has delivered on its promise and has helped us to remain agile and enhance our existing protection against key risks” VICTOR ANDREU, FRANKE Working with Ontinue enabled Franke to significantly increase the speed of response to threats