Technology Record - Issue 29: Summer 2023

MARKETWATCH 20 Microsoft has made three customer commitments to ensure that both the corporation and its ecosystem of partners develop and use artificial intelligence technology responsibly. In a blog post on 8 June Antony Cook, Microsoft’s corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, shared how these commitments will focus on helping customers and partners across every industry to confidently and responsibly make the most of new AI developments. “Ensuring the right guardrail for the responsible use of AI will not be limited to technology companies and governments,” said Cook in the blog post. “Every organisation that creates or uses AI systems will need to develop and implement its own governance systems.” Microsoft’s first commitment is to share the knowledge it gains from research and development through a collection of dedicated resources available to everyone. It will also publicly share the curriculum it is using to train its own employees. Secondly, Microsoft is creating an AI Assurance Program to help customers ensure that the applications it uses on Microsoft platforms meet the regulatory requirements for responsible AI. The programme will be based on the KY3C concept – know your cloud, customer and content – and involve customer councils and the implementation of the AI Risk Management Framework from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Finally, Microsoft is launching a new partner programme that will assist mutual customers in deploying their own responsible AI systems with professional services provider PwC and accounting firm EY, being the first partners to join. On 14 June 2023 EY launched the EY Tax Copilot, an education programme created with Microsoft to help prepare EY tax professionals across the globe for the future of low-code and AI-powered technology. The programme will explore how tax professionals can use Microsoft’s AI capabilities to deliver services. Meanwhile, PwC is currently investing $1 billion in AI technology and working with Microsoft and OpenAI to automate parts of its audit and consulting services to help businesses gain richer insights and drive more productivity responsibly. “Our collaboration with PwC and OpenAI will be a game-changer that opens the floodgates for businesses to experience generative AI applications in a safe and secure manner,” said Eric Boyd, corporate vice president of AI platforms at Microsoft. Microsoft makes three customer commitments for responsible AI AI assurance programme, development insights and a new partner programme are being offered to partners and customers Photo: iStock/VioletaStoimenova