Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

103 To help organisations overcome this challenge, Nice has developed the CXone platform. It is designed to allow organisations to leverage existing application infrastructure to accommodate their needs. “We offer an incredibly broad choice of key applications that focus on optimal customer experiences like quality management, workforce engagement, analytics and more,” says Mistretta. “We also recognise that every organisation’s customer experience needs are unique, so all of our applications are supported with AI that is trained using the industry’s largest conversational data set to proactively identify those unique needs and meet the customer where they are, in any channel. “In addition, CXone simplifies expanding customer experience with pre-integrated, lowcode, low-complexity interfaces that help lower the hurdle to expanding the technology stack by making the process faster and less complicated.” The CXone platform embodies Nice’s customer experience interactions (CXi) vision, which is based on providing a single platform that empowers organisations to create frictionless end-to-end journeys. It addresses five foundational needs: “The first need is intelligently meeting customers wherever their journey begins,” says Monaco. “Secondly, seamlessly and smartly orchestrating the customer journey from the first needs event to successful resolution, including moving between channels per customer request or proactively when appropriate to reduce friction and/or improve the experience. “The third need is enabling fast resolution through data-driven conversational AI selfservice platforms that actually work, followed by engaging agents to successfully resolve any need at the right moment in the journey, with the right information, and providing organisations with the tools they need to continuously analyse, plan, manage and improve their customer experience across all channels.” Nice is also leveraging its partnership with Microsoft to further support organisations. “CXone integrated with Microsoft Teams improves rapid collaboration across the contact centre and the rest of the organisation, leading to faster answers for customers and better experiences for contact centre agents and customers,” says Monaco. “The solution provides contact centres with best-in-class omnichannel routing, analytics, workforce optimisation, automation and AI, unified and seamlessly integrated with Teams.” Mistretta adds: “Additionally, we are the only contact centre-as-a-service provider in the market today deployed on Microsoft Azure. We will continue to expand and add services with Microsoft and have a tight alignment with it on development efforts between the two organisations.” Photo: pexels/Yan Krukau