Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

106 FEATURE Innovation across the partner ecosystem The Microsoft partner ecosystem is driving innovation in Dynamics 365 and providing ways for users to further enhance their business environments. For example, Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft recently worked with Duke Energy, a utility firm based in the USA, to develop and build a solution on Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 that would help the firm find new ways to detect, monitor and remediate methane emissions. The platform ingests data from satellite monitoring and ground-level sensing technology and applies analytics and AI to assess the data and provide real-time insights that appear in graphic dashboards that are easily consumable. Partner solutions can enhance existing processes, too. Examples include the configure, price, quote solutions from Experlogix and accounts payable automation from SignUp Software. Organisations such as Adobe and Shopify also have integrations designed for Dynamics 365 that introduce an extra level of flexibility and customisation within the platform. “Our partners are transforming to address evolving customer needs, responding to their increased demand for the cloud, and delivering intellectual property and services that enable innovation, productivity, and customer success,” says Nicole Dezen, chief partner officer and corporate vice president of global partner solutions at Microsoft. “Along the way, we have seen partners adapt to the opportunities presented by new technology, from innovative uses of AI in every industry, to solutions enabling industries to operate more sustainably, to drive global impact.” Microsoft continues to enhance Dynamics 365, with improved workflows and new potential uses for AI. Some of the new features users can expect soon include integration with Microsoft Fabric, integrated analytics with shared views of pipelines, new templates for customer journeys, and Copilot text editing and writing. With a large and thriving partner ecosystem, there will be much more too. Duke Energy is able to analyse data to monitor and detect methane emissions Photo: Duke Energy