Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

110 FEATURE “ClickLearn is a trusted partner for user adoption and training solutions. We’re bringing in a new paradigm to the learning of software with a non-disruptive learning experience. Our cuttingedge software automates the entire process of creating, maintaining and deploying software training within enterprises and users are equipped with a fully generative in-app help chatbot. ClickLearn is able to capture work processes in Microsoft Dynamics and automatically produces learning content and documentation for users. Our mission is to empower our clients’ users, fostering ongoing education and driving superior performance in the software they use daily.” “At Innovia Consulting, we are trained by Microsoft to help organisations achieve their business goals. Whether you’re a manufacturer or distributor, Dynamics 365 works for a wide variety of roles. Our job at Innovia is to help guide businesses through the path so that they can be as self-sufficient as possible through the implementation and to help them achieve a 360-degree view of both their business and their relationship with customers so that they can sell, produce and serve them more effectively.” “Cavallo provides an advanced order management platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The powerful, flexible and easy-to-use set of tools drives productivity, profitability and growth by improving every step of the customerto-cash process. Robust order workflows give unparalleled visibility and control over critical processes, while simple and intuitive order entry and customer management helps deliver superior service that boosts profitability and customer satisfaction. These innovative solutions are delivered through a role-based user interface that is tailor built for its users, maximising efficiency for everyone from company leaders to those on the front lines of order entry.” Joachim Schiermacher CEO, ClickLearn Alex Rodriguez Director of Product Management, Cavallo Tom Doran Chief Marketing Officer, Innovia Consulting Photo: ClickLearn